The Night Train: Recipe for Sleeping in Motion

16 August 2018

Begin your gastronomic journey with the following ingredients:
One litre of travel pillow
A tangle of headphones
Quiet music thoroughly mixed
A tablespoon of eye mask, poured softly
over your face.
One and a half cups of a slow-paced book
Two hundred grams of excitement,
Half a kilo of exhaustion for balance (home brand, exercise formula, or sleep deprivation™).

Thoroughly stir ingredients in a bowl of spare time at the station,
Saving the addition of reactive liquids until after departure.

If available in your cupboard, the following spice additions are also recommended at this stage:
Just enough leg room for the right position,
Forty-five degrees of recline,
Backpackers maintaining accented but quiet conversations,
Tidal breathing of the old woman sleeping beside you.

As the train pulls away from the station, heavy with inertia,
a Milky Way of lights beginning to trundle past
your reflection in the window,
the ambient conditions are ideal for blending.
(Try not to interrupt this moment with a toilet break).

Noisily knead travel pillow for five minutes before placing in baking dish,
Read a few pages of that

As the consistency develops,
Pause for a moment to note
the rattle and hum of carriages,
a view of darkness flowing.

Set dish in oven, add final dash of eye mask,
Bake on low for as many hours as possible.
Ignore any loud noises from fellow bakers.


Enjoy waking in motion.

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