celestial bodies

11 September 2018

she lies awake
legs spread wide
ready to birth a new star
eyes closed, teeth ground
a buildup of cosmic energy
a ball of heavenly fire
stardrops traveling down her glistening forehead

she knows

a blinding flash echoes across the universe
bursts of life fill the consciousness

all her life she had been the sun
innumerable celestial bodies
orbiting around the source of life
it’s time

a moment of silence, the awful
vacuum before an
explosion of light and sound and energy and being and

there it was
there he was
the new sun has arrived

comets rush away to hail the news
whispers of a nebula permeate the air

she shines brighter
reflecting the light that she holds
she looks up and her eyes are aglow
brief meteorites before she lays to rest

faint music reverberates as the universe celebrates

a new era awaits.

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