annual general meeting

24 October 2018

seas of suits in first year tutes:
become creaking cogs in capitalist creations,
counsel onlookers on crypto quirks,
lose sight in fogs of corporate concoctions
and pay little attention to art –
unless fleetingly, taking part
in lining walls for
the annual general meeting,

lined walls in this financial façade
distract clients from this first year’s bombard-
-ing, of facts, figures
window-dressed for triggers at
the annual general meeting.

science commands the table head;
labs, hefty tabs, barely fed,
led by NASDAQ,
ecology, biology, astrology – no, neurology
scoffs at the financiers’ attempts to understand
the complexity of thought at hand;
a thought that commerce can’t stand, at
the annual general meeting.

while words soar across finished jarrah
eyes scan the painterly personality cover:
what is beauty such as this
doing in this void, lacking admiration
for the art student’s creation
adorning walls while they sit
an ornament of openness
a decoration of dedication to change, at
the annual general meeting?

these stereotypes are just a start
of unequal university universals:
neither accurate nor aiding,
drawing faculties apart. But
for the future, we must work together
resulting in an outcome greater
strength to strength so we can weather
the annual general meeting.

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