My Chinese name is my middle name when I’m in Melbourne

24 October 2018

我很感激我的父母for gracing
me with an English name, unlike some
peers who had to live by Rui Qi, Xian Yu.
我对the officer 笑, who passed me
my passport back. They’d have to go
by their last names – Tan, for example,
rolls off the tongue easily. Hard to mess it up.
没关系 even if Tan is a common last name.

I was told that they couldn’t find my parcel
but they have found it now after 3 hours.
Rachel Toh Xin Ying. Why was my name
printed on my passport different,
I was asked. I was looking for Ying earlier,
Rachel is still your first name, right?
Sorry about that, love. 没关系,
I pulled out my student card to show
her that here, I was Rachel Xin Ying Toh.





I’m very grateful towards my parents

我对the officer 笑:
I smiled at the officer

It’s fine/ It’s okay

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