Two poems: pescivore and cavalier

24 October 2018


red bones parch first so it’s
saltwater sates cartilage thirst
rough skin and a surul skeleton
nothing to get bent out of shape over

from door shore wolf and any other
wide eyes throats and lamel
loose a rakish trawl what
unsettles more than the soil

gold fins undredged
brown in the oily heat
broth skimmed clear for the squalene
(fertile) smile thick for want of fat

rowdy totipotent get
yet ready sorted by the bellyful
pink potable flesh rejected for
what it does to the coastline



words of men are bribes
to a god unwilling to receive them
therefore let us
break bread with the enemy

a dead tongue refutes you
r claim to landed purity
with the pound of flesh
flush with the want of salt

thy kingdom for a sword
to fall upon innocents
let Lord be last among
names of vanity

I am called tooth gnasher
fog breather flame waster
offal eater benefactor of doubt
let the lathe be gentle

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