Victorian Election Coverage 2018

16 November 2018

Welcome to Farrago‘s coverage of the 2018 state election, occurring on 24 November. On election night, we’ll be live-broadcasting coverage—including results analysis and panel commentary—from our Facebook page.

Victoria currently has a Labor government, run by Daniel Andrews. Also contesting the election is the Liberal Party, led by Matthew Guy. Other key players include the Greens, the Reason Party, the Victorian Socialists, and a range of other minor parties which could take seats in both the upper and lower houses of parliament.

Election explainer
19 November 2018

Fiona Patten
19 November 2018

Brunswick candidates
21 November 2018

Voting explainer
22 November 2018


The Greens
22 November 2018

Liberal Party
22 November 2018

Pascoe Vale
23 November 2018

Judy Ryan: Richmond
24 November 2018


Liberal policy meeting
24 November 2018

Election night live coverage
24 November 2018


Janet Rice interview
25 November 2018


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