Former UMSU President Desiree Cai elected as NUS President

11 December 2018

Former University of Melbourne Student Union (UMSU) President Desiree Cai has been elected President of the National Union of Students (NUS) on the second day of the annual National Conference (NatCon).

Cai, a member of the National Labor Students (NLS), will succeed Mark Pace from Adelaide University.

Cai’s succession will continue the ‘sweet heart deal’ struck between NLS and Unity, a deal that promises the NLS the presidency and Unity the general secretariat.

Cai was elected UMSU President during the 2017 UMSU elections and began her term in December 2017. Under her term, she has notably encouraged students to participate in the Change the Rules rally in solidarity with staff striking and led contingent of University of Melbourne students to protest against the federal government’s cuts to higher education.

Both Cai and Pace have been contacted for comment.

You can follow Farrago’s coverage of NatCon through this liveblog and spreadsheet.

More to come. 

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