You are Safe Here

5 March 2019

Close your eyes.


You are surrounded by a shield of light.

You reach out and it

curves under your fingers,

it hums softly where you touch it,

welcoming you into its warm embrace.

The many conversations buzzing in your ears

have dimmed into a




You f l o a t;

the chair against your back disappears.

You feel magic around the corner instead, the dryad’s song guiding

you through a maze of gentle oaks.

You smell the blooming of blossoms, gold streaks sparking off

white petals; it is the smell of new

life, of impossible bliss.

You turn to touch the flaming light

of fireflies. You are drawn deeper into

the unfamiliar, but you feel only warmth, you see only wonder.


You smell the dewdrops glimmering outside your window

in the morning.

                           You lean back, shoulders dropped.

You feel warm, like the sun has accepted you as one of its own.

You smile.


Open your eyes.


You are safe here.

One response to “You are Safe Here”

  1. harsukh kaur says:

    this is such a beautiful poem. and yes i feel safe here. thank you so much for writing this!

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