See Ya Later Duldig

3 April 2019

Paul Duldig has left his position as the Head of University Services, which he had held since 2014.

In December 2018, Duldig was replaced by the former Deputy Head Neil Robinson. No clear reason was given for Duldig’s swift departure.

Duldig played a role in facilitating the business and operational direction of 1,600 people across the nine portfolios he oversaw as Head of University Services.

Prior to 2014, the University had 18 service centres. In a 2017 talk on business improvement in universities, Duldig said the reason for the scaling down to nine services was to combat “vastly different service delivery”.

Duldig implemented the University’s new “move then improve” shared services model. Perhaps most noteworthy to students was the consolidation of faculty student services into the singular service centre Stop 1 in 2014. Stop 1’s success as a comprehensive and easily accessible service has been widely debated.

From the project’s inception, Duldig was also the New Student Precinct Project Sponsor. Duldig said Provost Richard James is the precinct’s new custodian.

Duldig said he decided to leave the University because he was “nearing the end of [his] five year interim”.

As for the suddenness of his departure, Duldig said “It was all very amicable, but yes, kind of quick, very quick”.

“Neil Robinson, having been the University’s Academic Registrar would be all across the student side and I guess the Vice-Chancellor figured he’d give Neil a go. I guess after a period they’ll put it to the market place.”

When asked if Robinson is being given a ‘trial of sorts’ Duldig said, “I guess so, yeah.”

Duldig later corrected himself, saying “[He] checked with Neil and he says it’s not a trial—he is doing the job for six months”.

Robinson, the new Head of University Services declined to comment on the circumstances surrounding his appointment.

The University of Melbourne Student Union will be moving from Union House into the New Student Precinct in 2020-21.

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