Edition Two Editorial

28 April 2019

We acknowledge Farrago is created on land that always has and always will belong to the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nations. This land is stolen and sovereignty was never ceded, and no acknowledgement is enough to give it back. We pay our respects to elders past, present and future, and to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, people who have been sharing stories and making art longer than anyone in the world. We thank readers for picking up our magazine and listening to what we have to say, and urge you to actively seek out, and listen to, the people whose land you exist on too.

“Editorial!” Steph yells, as the rest of us desperately avoid starting to write it. “Editorial!” They’ve been up since 6am, lost their wallet on the bus, and just want to go home. We have to send the magazine to print tomorrow. Like everything else in Edition Two, we’ve left this until the very last minute and it barely feels real. We don’t know what’s going on, we’re weak, we’re tired, no-one is eating right.
Once Caro ate straight up dirt because her crush dared her to. He proceeded to say “gross” and walk away. It was “a seminal moment” for her. On Sunday Katie made tacos out of cheese she had to cut the mould off of, and very squishy wrinkly potatoes. She’s been eating them for three days now, and has also fed them to her far-too-trusting partner. Neither seem to be showing signs of food poisoning yet. Ruby consumed way too much [dust] at Golden Plains and can’t think of an anecdote because she hasn’t become human again yet. Steph hasn’t eaten anything in a while because of the whole wallet thing. Donate to their GoFundMe here.

This edition, news and campus is filled with long juicy pieces. Hear from international students themselves in Alexius Choi and Maggie Tan’s ‘Crossing the Language Barrier’ (pg. 13) and Madeleine Johnson’s second installment of her column Mad About Inequality (pg. 14). Or, follow Ailish Hallinan and Megan Hanrahan on their investigation into workplace environments of cafes on campus to decide which brew is best on your conscience. In non-fiction, check out Sonja Repetti’s piece on protists (no, we didn’t know what they were at first either) on page 35, and Will Johns’ exploration of top/bottom dynamics and the concept of ‘Mediterranean Homosexuality’ (pg. 28-29). In the creative section, Hannah Garvan tells sex work like it is (pg. 44-46). Sam Harding in ‘Old Bath’ (pg. 57) and Morgan-Lee Snell in ‘Waialua’ (pg. 60) will make you feel All Of The Things through their quite differing but equally as gorgeous experience of the beach. Feast your eyes on Peijing Li’s adorable Little People on pages 6 and 7, and Charanja Thavendran’s awesome digital AND hand sketched collage (pg. 37). We love multimodal art, please send us some!

Thanks for bearing with us,

Ruby, Katie, Caro and Steph

P.S. Seriously though, if anyone sees Steph’s wallet please hit us up.

Retraction from Hayley Edwards, regarding last year’s election guide: “I recently read Farrago Edition 7 2018 and noticed a statement published under my name that I’d never seen before, which I did not write or agree with. I am grateful for the opportunity to retract the original statement.”

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