Desperate Lecturer Resorts to Using Clickbait Lecture Titles to Bring Up Attendance

9 August 2019

Due to recent slump in lecture attendance, history lecturer, Dr. Lindsey Farrow, has decided to spice things up. Inspired by highly viewed YouTube content, Dr. Farrow has reportedly begun using clickbait titles in order to get her students excited about learning and attending.

According to an anonymous student enrolled in Farrow’s first year history subject, ‘Age of Empires’, the esteemed academic has been emailing out lecture titles and slides one week in advance in order to get the students on board. The student told Farrago: “It’s like, we know how clickbaiting works. We’re not going to attend a lecture called “STORYTIME: I FUCKED MY UNCLE” or “I’M MY SON’S FATHER AND HIS GREAT-UNCLE?!” any more than we would one called ‘The History of the Habsburgs.’”

More Age of Empires students have provided other examples of lecture titles. Over the past semester, they say Farrow has created a lecture entitled “THROWING $1MILLION WORTH OF TEA OFF A BOAT”, which covered the Boston Tea Party and the American Revolution, and “I’m a drug addict”, which dealt with both the First and Second Opium Wars of the 19th century.

Farrago reached out to Farrow for comment. “I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. They love Tana Mongeau and Logan Paul for using clickbait, but apparently, I’m doing something wrong? They’re completely out of touch”, Farrow claims. “I’m not asking for 10 million views, just a few more excited bodies in the lecture theatre.”

According to student Caitlin Dowe, about 5 students on average attend the subject’s two weekly lectures. “Yeah, I only go out of pity” Dowe said.

Further sources have reported that tutorials for the subject have required students to ‘like and subscribe’ to Farrow’s YouTube page. Farrow reportedly opts to upload lectures onto the popular website, rather than using the university wide Lecture Capture program. Like many subjects in the School of Arts, the final grade for Farrow’s history subject attributes 10% to tutorial participation.

Farrow’s account, HistoryLuver56, currently has over 300 subscribers, with each of her videos averaging a similar amount of likes and comments.

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