UMSU Elections 2019

UMSU Elections 2019 Live Updates

2 September 2019

Follow Farrago‘s coverage of the 2019 University of Melbourne Student Union here.

Our coverage team is made up of Stephanie Zhang, Alain Nguyen, Ailish Hallinan, and Lucy Turton. No one on this team is currently formally involved with any ticket this election. In 2018, Zhang was elected to the media office with Independent Media, and Turton was elected as a councillor with More!. Turton was previously elected as Environment OB with More! in 2017, and in 2016, ran with Activate for council and Stand Up! for environment committee. Neither Hallinan nor Nguyen have been formally involved with tickets nor have run for UMSU positions. We trust our reporters to not allow personal opinions to affect the quality of our coverage.

Banner photo by Wolf Zimmermann.

9 responses to “UMSU Elections 2019 Live Updates”

  1. Bri says:

    Why am I not surprised that when Labor Right hacks join Stand Up! that they suddenly are no longer afraid to use racist dog whistles… NLS you’ve sunk pretty low to work with members of the Right…

  2. Anon Student says:

    I think the point at which some who actively campaigned for tickets opposing Stand Up! and is currently sharing Pride. posts on their Facebook page has not pointed out their positionality is kind of abysmal and isn’t very dignifying for student media.

    Also, surely this was not Hannah’s whole statement? Seems a bit curt to stand as a full statement, and it would be helpful if you let students read the entire thing if it exists.

    • Farrago Magazine says:

      Hi Anon Student, we decided to condense Hannah’s statement for ease of reading, but most of it is in the post. It wasn’t very long but if you are interested, we’re happy to post all of the full statements we received about the issue of the poster.

  3. Anon student says:

    How can a ticket claiming to be “Independent Media” publish hit pieces in its election coverage by a former OB who has run against Stand Up – particularly with no disclaimer?

    • Farrago Magazine says:

      Hi Anon student, we do not believe that the post was a hit piece. We reported on the issue because a student came to us about it and as a student publication, we believe it’s our responsibility to report on student issues. We followed journalistic due process and gave Hannah from Stand Up a right of reply. None of our reporters this year are formally involved with any of the tickets at this election. We trust our reporters to not allow personal opinions to affect the quality of our coverage.

      • Anon says:

        The fact that you have consistently rejected fair calls that you should at least put a disclaimer shows that not only do you act without integrity, but also you are very much biased against Stand Up. Considering modern research about implicit bias I am very much surprised that you continue this outlook, would you also let a university board member write pieces about the university?

        • Farrago Magazine says:

          Hi Anon, you can now find a disclaimer of all our reporting teams’ previous affiliations and involvements in the description of the blog.

        • Hard Pill says:

          Hi Anon,

          Has it occurred to you that Stand Up might simply look ugly under the light of truth?

          – A student

  4. Gracchus says:

    I’m very glad to have seen some great reporting this year, actually calling out a lot of major ticket BULLSHIT – directed largely at Stand Up.
    How can you claim to be accountable when you don’t show up to forums and debates? How can you claim to represent students when you whip your councilors to vote down electoral changes decided on by you own expensive, democratic review process, because it doesn’t suit you politically.
    This is the first time I have seen Stand Up called Labor in a long time (not since the Parkville Station). Voters need to know who people are and what they stand for, not just tickets’ own prepared media.

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