UMSU Elections 2019

UMSU 2019 Elections Results Live

6 September 2019

Welcome to Farrago‘s liveblog of the University of Melbourne Student Union election results. We’ll be posting results for all positions live from the count room as they come in. Alain Nguyen and Stephanie Zhang will be giving you a live count and analysis of the initial wave of results as polls close. You can view the data of polling results below throughout the night.

Our coverage team is made up of Stephanie Zhang, Alain Nguyen, Ailish Hallinan, and Lucy Turton. No one on this team is currently formally involved with any ticket this election. In 2018, Zhang was elected to the media office with Independent Media, and Turton was elected as a councillor with More!. Turton was previously elected as Environment OB with More! in 2017, and in 2016, ran with Activate for council and Stand Up! for environment committee. Neither Hallinan nor Nguyen have been formally involved with tickets nor have run for UMSU positions. We trust our reporters to not allow personal opinions to affect the quality of our coverage.

Photo by Ly Luong.

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