Floating Waste

8 October 2019

guzzle and groan on the mess

they have made

for all of them

a mound of floating debris

floating in the last great ocean


piglets nuzzle at the live

pockets of green 

sprouting forth 

grown from a rusted can  

far more used to carrying Coke

than scraps of clinging life


the salty sea breeze blows

McDonalds™ wrappers swirl


infants scramble

some nestle in the bin liner

others look for scraps


sierras of waste rise high ward

spanning the breadth of the land

spread stench unknown

to any human being

long gone

not long forgotten


piglets squeal and cry

seagulls reign supreme

red splattered new-born’s 



the entrails plucked and ridden

repackaged liquorice strips


atop the trash high-rises 

peaked with snowy sheen

beady-eyes scour

edibles on rubbish fields

adding stink

without them, subtracting none


carcasses cling to land’s sides

conjoining sea corpses to its mass

the last great 

humpback whale

a death sentence issued

hanged by charging cord 


their one parting gift to Her

only land left

Made in China

a hunting ground for the hungry

left in the last great ocean

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