R ‘n’ R

3 December 2019

An application of brakes
at the end of a long journey
find yourself in the time left
for rest
and response.

Remove yourself
from situations that
called for an extreme
outpour of energy, exerted
to keep oneself alive
constant fight between body
and soul.

Find rest for we do not know the
battles of tomorrow. 

Welcome peace into the home of your soul,
rest in the hope that you
one day may see yourself
the way I see you
the way you truly are.

Respond to your needs.
Your soul cries for it has
not seen the sun in a while.
Respond to unwelcome emotions
that stormed your vessel—
talk to them
tell them there are no vacancies
they are not for you.

Allow that which does not belong
in your heart to find
its way out.

Find love.
Tell her you are sorry
for giving her to everyone
but yourself.
Tell her you need her to breathe
life into you
again; to fill your heart.
Feel the warmth of her embrace.

for this fight is won.

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