Review: Flying Lotus 3D @ the Forum 25/01/20

30 January 2020

I had no idea what to expect from Flying Lotus’ 3D tour, I just knew I had to see it with my own eyes. FlyLo continues to produce some of the most exciting, genre bending sounds in the electro scene, and this show is no exception.

The support, Mark Pritchard, did a nice job of easing us into the mood, mixing boppy house tunes off to the side of some mildly trippy visual projections. Then near the end of his set, the sub bass was blasted, and I could feel it in my chest, could feel we were in store for something much bigger from the main event.

The huge screen told us to put on our 3D glasses and thick anticipation stirred throughout the mosh. I was stood in the middle of it for the whole show, which I regret a little on reflection—a friend later told me the visuals were insane from the back of the Forum, images moving above and spilling out over the entire crowd in ways I’m sure I can’t even imagine. But my position front and centre still had me mesmerised.

Before FlyLo graced the stage, the set opened with the Fire Is Coming film clip—that wolf/Lynch hybrid creature being so much creepier in 3D. The crowd roared when he finally entered and planted himself behind a dystopian production setup, centre stage, like the captain of some absurd ship. Then he navigated his way through the depths of his wild psyche, taking us along with him.

The visuals came in too many colours, shapes and concepts to bring to life in a short review, and they’re worthy of staying a surprise. A geometric wormhole shot bits at me before transforming into a halo of water around FlyLo—then into faces, bugs, light beams and so much more.

And the music was just as fresh as the projections, FlyLo playing with effects so much it was hard to tell track from track. Every sound was somehow completely unique and still flowed seamlessly into the next, making them all whirl into each other. There was a lot more snare than I’d expected, in the best way, and it was pretty magical every time FlyLo came out from behind his ship to spit some bars.

My overall highlight was being thrown completely off guard when the iconic Crank That by Soulja Boy snuck into the mix. This show is a feast for the eyes and ears, and you really do need to see it for yourself to grasp just how massive and wonderfully whack it all is. Definitely not one to miss.

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