COVID-19 Liveblog

16 March 2020

Farrago have a number of reporters working on pieces about COVID-19 (Coronavirus) that are still developing. Unfortunately, the nature of the pandemic has resulted in rapidly changing information from our sources, and the university itself. As a result we are setting up this Liveblog so we can provide information to you in a timely manner.

4 responses to “COVID-19 Liveblog”

  1. Kate says:

    Hey Farrago team, thanks for doing this! Can you please keep an eye on the colleges too? I’m at one and I’m concerned they are going to continue taking money from students who’ve lost jobs for no services. International students have also been given conflicting info regarding whether to go home now or if they will have emergency housing if the college closes. Obviously still up in the air at moment but I’m concerned.

  2. Jordan Di Natale says:

    Media is a superstar!!!!!!!
    keep up the amazing work!!!!!

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