Strange little boy

24 March 2020

they call you

  Strange, little boy.

  in legoland you broke down

  like our little tin car

  kicking crying

  words failing 


       they had to pull us out.

                                                         tell me why?

  flashing lights smiling dolls crowding people

                        dark room 

                                        voices like screams 

               battering rams                    pounding pounding

  unstrange children love theme parks. 

  a woman said

           he’s not coping take him out 

  like it was our fault,

  I whisper

                                                   they don’t know.  


they call you 

  Sick, darling boy. 

  a chronic disease

                  pathogen deep



  there is no cure.

  you get 


                               medical reports


                                    check-ups for      

              government funding 

  it’s all inside, it makes you 

  shriek at

  rough fibres of new clothes

                          spiders on skin.


they call you

  Slow, dearest boy. 

  you cannot 

  paint or do maths

  like they say your kind can


        you read

        a hundred books 

        name a thousand things






    satisfied in your universe.

no eye contact



lying on belly

rustling pages

so calm but     

                                                are you happy?


they call you 






  Alone you

                                                                   Sit on the playroom mat, my 



they think you 

  so so so so 


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