Edition One 2020 Editorial

25 March 2020

Welcome to Edition One. Welcome to the 2020 Editors.

Bethany Cherry

What a time to be alive. The controlled cinematic chaos we are so comfortable watching from our screens has become our reality. There is no pause button for this movie and no room for error. Every action today will have a reaction tomorrow. As you take the time to slow, sit and read through Farrago, I hope you can appreciate every moment for what it is; a chance. A chance to dance to the playlist, to listen to a stranger, to be kind to yourself. I hope it gives you a chance to fall in love with being alive again. 

Amber Meyer

If you write your goals down, you’re more likely to achieve them. Right? So, here’s me, putting promise to paper. I will make proud the community that built me up. My first-ever printed words found home in Farrago — for many of you, that’s the case too. This opportunity to speak, and be heard, extends to all students at the University. With the privilege of working on this team, I dedicate my love to underrepresented voices. They already have immense creativity and tireless passion. I’m just here to make sure we’re paying attention. 

Sarah Peters 

I’m still debating whether I organise my Farrago’s by colour or chronology. Either is an option but, there’s so many that I’ve acquired over the years. Anyone would think this is my final year of uni. I was too scared to get involved in my undergraduate, but when I found myself subediting beautiful poems, something clicked. Being a part of student writing and art is intoxicating at every level and during my time at uni developed into a necessity, a third lung. The limit for lungs might exist, but for copies of Farrago? There’s always a space on my shelf.

Tharidi Walimunige 

An outlet for my wackiest tales and film-loving ramblings, a pathway to meeting friends, a space to have my voice heard, and the delight of crafting something tangible; Farrago takes on many meanings to me. Reader, I hope this publication can do the same for you. I hope the words, art and people you encounter here inspire you, make you laugh or teach you something. As Beth, Amber, Sarah and I inherit Farrago’s 95-year legacy and strive to make a mark in its future, we’ll always remember that there is no Farrago without dedicated readers and contributors. So send us your works, pick up our babies from the stands, and join us for the ride!

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