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Edition Four 2020 Content List

6 July 2020

A content list is a collection of prompts, ideas that the editors collect to direct the theme and content of the magazine. The Farrago content list is a way to begin, to be inspired, and  is by no means an exhaustive list of content—you can pitch your own ideas or send in cold submissions. We encourage only pitching nonfiction pieces. Email your pitch to and we’ll give you feedback and direction. 

Edition Four Submissions close Friday 31st July 2020!
Pitching deadlines for Edition Four close Friday 17th July 2020!


  1. Unless you’re submitting short-form creative writing, it’s a good idea to pitch to us first. That way we can make sure you’re not doubling up on ideas and can help you develop it.
  2. Read the style guide. Farrago has its own set of grammar and style rules. The guide is full of detailed tips that will help with your writing.
  3. Send us an email with your idea and a brief plan. If you’re using something from the content list, tell us why you want to write on that topic and include some more details—maybe you’re keen to include an interview or need more resources.
  4. Ask us questions! Maybe you have an idea and want to develop it by talking to other people. We aren’t (too) scary and we’re excited to get to know you! 

The following sections are included: Regulars, News, Non-fiction, Creative, Art and Illustration.



LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: This is our challenge to you. We want to hear from our readers, what did you like, or even better, not like, from our last edition? Let’s get this open communication rolling. Max. 300 words.

HOROSCOPES: We know you love them, and we know you would follow them to the ends of the earth! Well, we’re bringing horoscopes back! The theme for Edition Three is: Transform.

FLASH FICTION: Send us a piece that is 100 words or less! The theme for Edition Four is: Cycle. 

VERSUS: It’s time to take a side again. We have heard Disney vs Dreamworks already but what about left vs right, jumper vs jacket, Ice Cream vs. Fro-Yo, Star Wars vs Lord of the Rings. Dare we say it… Harry potter vs Game of Thrones. TV vs Book…the list goes on! Send us a work that has two things battling it out to reign supreme! 


If you’re not a reporter and want to submit a campus-related news piece, pitch the idea to us. Send it to us at

Or contact Amber and Sarah directly through their emails as well and maybe we can organise a video meeting to chat about your ideas! 


BE HEARD, BIPOC: For those who identify as Bla(c)k, Indigenous and/or People of Colour, having your voice drowned out by the majority, the powerful, or simply the ones who aren’t like you, can be a regular hardship. We hope that this magazine can be one place where you can safely let your voice shine. So share with us your opinions, your pride, your rage, your gusto, your knowledge, your experiences. Send us whatever you’re comfortable with. We want to support you, because you deserve to be heard.  

PRINT VS. DIGITAL: With things moving online, we want to know your feelings about print and digital media. Can the two coexist? Is one valued more than the other?  

FAMILY FEUD: Have you gone back home to ride out this wave of chaos? Has it been smooth-sailing or a tsunami of 6 siblings, parents, cats and dogs? Is there a discussion on how our home lives have changed this year, with self-isolation in a home or place we haven’t stayed for years? 

STUDENT SUSTAINABILITY: A PERSPECTIVE. We want to hear about what you are doing to beat climate change. Have you gone plastic free? Do you shop for fresh fruit and veggies but none pre-wrapped? Have you changed your mode of transport or your milk choice, based on its environmental impact?

TATTOOS: The taboo must end. Where did the negative press come from in the first place? Who likes tattoos and who doesn’t? Give us a hot take on the top types of tattoos; where they are, what they are, and why we get them.

MILK MANIA: The big question is… what is the best milk to consume? Dairy has decreased in it’s demand, and multiple niche milk brands have taken up residence. But how do these options compare? Almond milk isn’t much better than Soy… but how does Oat or Coconut or Hazelnut compare? They are even milking cashews. We want to hear about the impact on production, finance, consumption and the environment.

CAFES ON CAMPUS: This is a set-up for your tale of I-CAN-NOT-DUCK-TO-CASTROS-KIOSK-BECAUSE-CAMPUS-IS-SHUT. Students are often the first to admit their caffeine reliance. How has being away from campus cafes changed your consumption? Any shout-outs for those barristers on professors walk or in the MSD that you missed through exams?

GENTRIFICATION EXPLAINER: Sometimes it feels like half the student body at UniMelb lives in Brunswick sharehouses. Why is this a problem? Who are we pushing out? What are the other options?

PROBLEMATIC FAVES AND OVERRATED DARLINGS: You see them everywhere. They haunt you. Plastic smiles stare you down from billboards, commercials, magazines and Tumblr. Rant to us about a celebrity everyone loves that you can’t stand.  

ECO-ANXIETY: How is the looming prospect of a drastically changed climate affecting our mental health? Who is most affected by anxiety about the future of our planet? And what can we do to keep ourselves happy and healthy in the face of a grim climate forecast?

MUSIC AND THE ENVIRONMENT: With Coldplay delaying all tours until they can make them environmentally friendly, we’re wondering what the music industry’s impact on the environment is? Who is taking steps?

THE HUMAN CONDITION: Humans are social creatures, yet much of our anxiety comes from our interactions with humans. What are we missing? Discuss the ‘pack-animal’ and ‘lone-wolf’ theory. 

TV NOSTALGIA: What makes a television show nostalgic for you? What are the ultimate nostalgic shows of each era? 

DREAMSCAPE 1: COVID-19 has resulted in a lot of strange dreams for a number of people. Look into this phenomena and why it happens? We’re curious.

ISOLATION IN ISOLATION: Have you been living alone during isolation? What effect does this have? Write about your adventures or your woes. How are you keeping yourself safe and sane?



TELL US A STORY: Tell us your story. Everyone has one, and yours deserves to be heard. 

BEYOND THE PAGE: Send us something that isn’t writing! Music, video, performance poetry—or something that we wouldn’t have even thought of! Bring us your multimodal ideas, and we’ll see what we can do to make them fit in print.

BIPOC TO CENTRE STAGE: This world needs more published stories showcasing authors and characters who identify as Bla(c)k, Indigenous and/or People of Colour. We hope that our magazine can be a site of expression for BIPOC creatives. If you belong to these communities, we would love to see you share your tales with us. It is time for you and your imagination to take centre stage.     

IT’S MORE THAN A MOMENT: Track a moment from your day. Use words or imagery to follow an action or series, like a tram trip to work, or your morning routine. It may seem mundane, but believe us, it’s important. 

AT THE APARTMENT?: Did something strange happen in your building? Do you wish something strange had happened? Tell us a fun or scary story in your building!

IT’S HIGH FANTASY TIME: We know you have a D&D avatar and we want to hear about them. Send us a story of bards, paladins, dragons, witches, elven archers, anything to transport us somewhere weird or wonderful!  

LYRICS TO LIFE: Pick a song you’re obsessing over and write a creative piece based on its lyrics. Where will it take you? What is the life beyond the sounds?

EMU WARS: Obviously Lorikeets are overthrowing the government, but what battles have birds faced previously? Chronicle the frontline of the Australian Emu War from the perspective of an emu.

RORSCHACH TO WRITING: Inkblots were once used for psychological testing. Reuse them and write a poem in its place.

SKITTLE ME THIS: What do colours taste like? No, really? Is Blue Heaven really heavenly? Put a creative spin on this piece.

ANIMAL ATTITUDE: Write us something from the perspective of an animal. Catalogue the nefarious thoughts of our feline friends in their mission to shove breakables off tables. Detail the dreaminess of a shoe that is just begging to be mauled by canine teeth. Unleash your inner wild!     

SHELF LIFE: Those ingredients in the back of your cupboard? The ones with the expiration date rubbed off? What kind of recipe could you make? Bonus points if it’s poetic. Triple points if you actually make something.

CUR(S)ED: Write a piece that can’t contain the letter ‘s’, or another letter of your choice. Whenever you feel the need to use it, find a synonym, an alternative, or rewrite.

TO ALL THE _____ I’VE LOVED BEFORE: Jenny Han wrote a YA novel that has become a Netflix sensation. Meanwhile at Unimelb, the Love Letters page continues to grow! Write a love letter or series of love letters with a twist!

DREAMSCAPE 2: If you’re not interested in researching dreams, perhaps you want to write them! What are your dreams? What are the editors dreaming of?



ARTIST PROMPTS: Sculptures, hatters, painters, gardners, we want to feature your 3D work. If you have a dress you made, send us a photo! A pot, plate, bowl, recycled humanoid thing…we want to see it! 

BOARD GAMES: Create a game the whole family can play! When Edition Four launches we might still be learning online. Ensure that this plays into the rules of the game.

GRAPHIC COLUMN: Now is the time to narrate your life… it certainly has enough drama. Send us a page or two with some scenes from your life. Some ideas: spending all day in bed, starting your own indoor nursery, or have you begun to see changes in your appearance or manner of dressing?

APPROPRIATION: This has been in the mainstream media since pop-art exploded in the 20th century. We want you to show us the difference between copying and appropriating. Get your favourite artwork, re-shape it for your contemporary viewers.

OLD AND GOLD: Bring out those old cameras and take some classic shots. Nothing screams class more than a retro film camera.

SUSTAINABILITY: Can you imagine a world where everything is designed to last? Create an environment where human kind is thriving, and so is the earth. What does it look like? How does it compare to the view outside your window?

STREET ART: We all want to get out there into the streets again. Send us your favourite Melbourne street art! Send us the worst Melbourne street art! Art at home! Photos, drawings and writing related to the art! 

ODE TO A LOVED ONE: Nothing is more powerful than our love for the people around us. Thank them, or pay tribute to them with a drawing, poem, or story.

PLAY WITH LIGHT: What fun art can you make with light? The way it comes through a window? Maybe magnification burnings? Experiment!


Cover Illustrations by Rose Gertsakis. 

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