Eternity and Time

26 August 2020


The moon in a tea cosy

    twinkles at half mast

our bones and eyes

    a sprinkle of stardust on the canvas of time

She dances from swell to swell

    swaying from the rigging 

A tinkling of the whales’ windchimes                                                                                                            


The blue water of dawn filled the room.



Lost ideas and blank books

     paper mâché coffins

Where did Eternity go?

     I’ve come back with the inability

     to manage Time

The moon is running late

     he has heard from neither sister



I found Time

    she was nestled away 

warming her hands

    on the ocean’s depths

Eternity’s glass eyes pass us by

    searching for a place to settle

But Time, she wants to stay still

    just for a few minutes longer



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