26 August 2020

Observe the objective world 

directly through the senses.

                                   Representations are undermined 

                                   from glitches in the physiology 

                                   of the brain.


Sunset, various parts of Melbourne city. 

Loud crowds distract and

fluorescent lights distract and

Graceful infrastructure

Blocks the view

Of the sunset.




Open space.


                     Man walks his dog


Large    open                green.


                     Boy roller-skates 


Inclined                    rough           concrete.


  Was the water in the lake’s movement witnessed or    
Was the water in the lake’s movement assumed because 

     The water in the lake’s movement was expected.

                                 Dilemmas are explained using the            

                                                   signal detection theory.


Light exudes gradually. Suddenly, 

a bright yellow centre.


And god:

Never depicted through references to the physical world 

only understood through reference to light.


                                                    Revise the perception, 

Birds respond to sunset in their own way.


                                                       Anticipate darkness.

Heightened activity during darkness, 

Recalling better sunset experience or 


                                       makes the system less able to      



                           (Think harder about what is out there.) Less is out there?

                     An important evolutionary survival aspect. 

Wasteful, though.

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