2020 UMSU Office Bearer Candidates

4 September 2020

Are you voting in the 2020 UMSU Elections?

UMSU Election week is from the 7-11 September 2020. Here you can find your candidates and their statements below in alphabetical order by position. If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate in reaching out to the Deputy Returning Officer, Stephen Luntz.

Other relevant information may be found on the UMSU Website.

Stephen Luntz
Deputy Returning Officer
0438 667 787


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Activities Office Bearer

  • Christos Preovolos & Phoebe Chen | Community for UMSU

We’re Christos and Phoebe, your Activities OB Candidates! Phoebe is a second year Bachelor of Commerce student. Having served as the activities officer of the Chinese Cultural Society, she is committed to connecting domestic and international students on campus. Christos is in third-year Biomedicine, and currently co-president of the Biomedicine Students’ Society. Over the past years, he’s run everything from a cohort-wide blood drive to BSS’ famous O-Week Camp, and shows no sign of stopping!

We don’t just bring a wealth of organising experience and community connections, which are integral to a successful Activities Department at UMSU. Beyond that, our time at university has reinforced the importance of Activities as a bedrock of student experience. For us, inclusivity is our focus, and student welfare is always a priority.

We love Bands and Bevs (which we admire for providing a platform to smaller bands, as well as student acts!) and the chaos of St. Patrick’s Day. And we can’t wait to introduce more people to them! But we also want events for more than just the ‘party’ crowd. We want to educate students on safer partying. And we want to welcome new students to university life, by making sure engaging, accessible events like speed friending and food fairs are a key plank of the Department.

More importantly, we want Activities to reflect the diversity of our campus. Whether it’s Lunar New Year or Diwali, we’ll make sure the Department collaborates with a range of cultural clubs and UMSU INTL itself, recognising the importance of cultural celebrations for those who make UniMelb their second home. We believe in a Department that all students can engage with; a point of connection for our community. So make sure to vote [1] Community in all positions- your community fighting with you!

  • Benito Di Battista & Olivia Millard | Just Clubs Just Activities

Hey! It’s Liv and Benito, and we would love to be your Activities Office Bearers for 2021. We’ve been involved in the university community for years, and are so excited to be running for office!

The Activities department ensures that all students can enjoy their uni experience by hosting events that allow you to meet new people and share incredible memories. It is truly one of a kind and we’d love to help continue the spirit of student life here at unimelb.

We understand that international students are facing challenges participating at the moment and new students feel they have missed out on all first year has to offer. We promise we will endeavour to make Activities accessible and diverse as we’re passionate about running events that are as inclusive for all students.

With the uncertainty of COVID, we’re ready to keep running entertaining online events. We may not be on campus, but we can definitely keep providing a space for students to socialise and have fun! When uni eventually returns, we’re keen to run all your favourite events, like BBQ, Bands and Bevs, Trivia, and Oktoberfest – making adjustments to maintain safety and inclusivity. We also look forward to introducing new ideas, like an outdoor cinema or music festival. Health, safety and welfare are our top priority alongside helping students share epic, memorable experiences.

We’ve both held executive committee positions in multiple student clubs, are active participants in other club communities and have many hours of volunteering at UMSU events under our belt so we can come into this office with enthusiasm and experience. Basically, we’re expert event organisers with a passion for ensuring everyone is having a great time. We’re keen to work hard to provide students with the best uni experience possible!

  • Ezra Bangun | VVholesome

For the second year in a row, my main policy for the Activities department is called the DAB policy. However, some of the policy has been changed.

D is for Dream. Because of Coronavirus, we have to practice social distancing. The same might still be happening in 2021. So, instead of having activities in real-life, we are going to have activities in our dream! Dream about beers, dream about bands and dream about bbqs. Especially dream about BABBA

A is for Allegory. Allegory is “a story, poem, or picture that can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning, typically a moral or political one” (Google, 2020).

B will stay the same and it stands for Boba. Instead of alcohol, we will have Boba in all Activities events. You can still have alcoholic Boba though if you want to!

Finally, the DAB policy will require individuals to dab at least once every event.

Always be VVholesome, and don’t forget to vote [1] (and [2], and [3], and etc.) for the ticket you prefer (it can be us, or anyone else)!

  • Pritesh Hemant Thanekar

No candidate statement submitted.

Burnley Campus Coordinator

  • Kaitlyn Hammond

No candidate statement submitted.

  • Xinglong Li

No candidate statement submitted.

Clubs and Societies Officer

  • David Collis & Olivia White | Just Clubs Just Activities

Hi there! We are Olivia and David and we are running for the Clubs and Societies office for 2021. Clubs are such a special part of life at university and provide an unrivalled opportunity for all students to make new friends and pursue their interests on campus. Clubs do such an amazing job and we want to do everything we can to help them be the most fun and inclusive spaces possible. The impacts of online university this year have hit clubs hard and we want to help build back clubs at Melbourne Uni bigger and better than ever.

We will mobilise our experience in a wide range of clubs of all sizes as well as our background working within UMSU departments to change C&S for the better. We want to create better communication and collaboration between C&S department and clubs to provide clubs with the information needed to best run their clubs We also want to smooth over the process of executive changeovers, when the most issues happen, by creating new up-to-date introductory material that is automatically provided to new execs. By having all information accessible, club events will run more smoothly and more frequently to the benefit of all uni students. We also wish to create better engagement with students that will welcome all to participate in clubs and allow students to make friends and share their passion.

At Just Clubs. Just Activities. we are all about the fun stuff on campus and we want to help continue the thriving student life our uni has to offer. Vote [1] Just Clubs. Just Activites. for Clubs and Societies department!

  • Ezra Bangun | VVholesome

Instead of talking about myself, I want to talk about the Clubs & Societies department since I’ve been part of it for most of the last 2 years. It’s an amazing department and you should join more clubs! You should also run clubs and even make new clubs! It could be hard and there are many regulations and tough love, but it’s required to ensure that all clubs are amazing! So yes, join a club NOW! (And vote for people who you believe will manage Club & Societies Department the best!)

Always be VVholesome, and don’t forget to vote [1] (and [2], and [3], and etc.) for the ticket you prefer (it can be us, or anyone else)!

  • Kuanysh Batyrbekov

No candidate statement submitted.

  • Kalyana Vania & Muskaan Hakhu | Community for UMSU

Hi there! We are Kalyana and Muskaan. We both identify as women of colour and hence know the strong emphasis and importance of representation and diversity. Having been involved in various clubs and societies in and outside of campus, Kalyana was a 2 term President for Australia Federation of International Students and whilst Muskaan was the president of the Unimelb Bollywood club. We both have a passion for organizing social events within our societies. This means that we have in depth experience in how to run clubs and make sure events go smoothly.

That said, we think this year represents unique challenges for all clubs and societies especially amidst the pandemic. We strive for all clubs within university to get equal treatment, and that includes fundings from university and also placements during Clubs Fest in O week. We want every club to be able to get the same opportunity in doing what they value and cherish. Equal funding from the university could help assist these clubs in doing more events, and also promote them to a larger scope of students . We truly believe clubs and societies are an essential role in the University community, and we will always aim to continue this safe space for students in all clubs, no matter their background! We are here to make a change and always be a transparent platform where everyone is free to come and speak with us. By electing Community to positions in UMSU, we can definitely strive for this and make an amazing year for all clubs and societies.

Creative Arts Officer

  • Evelyn Chong Jia En

No candidate statement submitted.

  • Ezra Bangun | VVholesome

Instead of writing a lot of statement about how good my artistic side is, just go to my Instagram. Just us[e] my name to find it. On the 9th latest post, I posted my amazing painting skill when I was in high school. I don’t think I need to say anything more. Thank you!

Always be VVholesome, and don’t forget to vote [1] (and [2], and [3], and etc.) for the ticket you prefer (it can be us, or anyone else)!

  • Merryn Hughes & Vaishnavi Ravikrishna | Community for UMSU

Art is invaluable in our society and in our culture.

As Creative Arts Office Bearers, we will continue the work of our predecessors to foster a thriving Arts community here at The University of Melbourne, supporting student artists to create and share art that is:

  1. Inclusive: We want to nurture our student arts community by establishing our weekly themed Creative Arts Collective and hosting social events and workshop/mentorship opportunities throughout semesters. We will recognise, support, and celebrate each other’s creative artmaking.
  2. Accessible: We believe in art that is inclusive and embraces diversity. When artmaking is not accessible, only the voices of the privileged can be heard. We will ensure that all workshops, events, performances, and exhibitions will accommodate all students, including those with accessibility needs e.g. lift-access, AUSLAN interpreted and captioned performances, image descriptions, relaxed performances, options to attend online etc.
  3. Sustainable: We will promote artmaking that is sustainable for the artist and their well-being as well as the environment, supporting productions that make conscious efforts to recycle materials, reduce waste and introduce innovative ways to make art while staying environmentally friendly.
  4. Experimental: During this pandemic, students have pushed the boundaries of mainstream art to include all that is experimental or unconventional and we embrace it all! We will continue supporting student artists during and beyond lockdown, providing them with the opportunities to showcase their talents as well as develop their craft.

The transition into University life can be challenging. For us, the UMSU Creative Arts department has been a welcoming space to explore and practice our creativity and has made that transition an enjoyable one. Our vision is to help other students feel accepted and welcomed into a creative space where they can be themselves without fear of judgement.

Disabilities Officer

  • Brigit Doyle & Lindsay Tupper-Creed | Community for UMSU

We, Lindsay and Brigit, are entering our final year of bachelor’s in commerce and science.

Lindsay strives to bring his passion for fairness and accessibility to a role where I can give back for others. Brigit will bring creativity, community spirit and determination to fight for accessible education for all.

We both struggle with disability. We know how hard studying with a disability can be. This year we’ve seen isolation impact the most vulnerable, and we need to provide better support. We’re running for Disabilities Officer to make sure every person can access education. Education is the best way to empower someone with a disability, and help them achieve their dream.

We’re here to help with isolation and the recovery process. Ensuring every person with disabilities can be a student, in the best way possible. We want to fight for better academic adjustment plans and counselling – that you don’t have to wait a month for.

Our aim is to support all disabilities, and help every student we can, in whatever way they need. We’re planning a mentorship program, because not everyone fits into a box. We will campaign for automatic captioning of lectures, because there’s no excuse. We will create safe spaces, because people need it.

We are driven to provide better support for students with lived experience of disability because it’s time for a change.

If elected, we will:

– Promote disability awareness – Seek to ensure every student with disabilities can access available services – Fight for simpler and clearer access to learning support and counselling services – Work with individuals to provide specialised support and advocacy – Campaign for automatic subtitling, and the mandatory recording of lectures when campus resumes.

Vote [1] Community, your community fighting with you!

  • Max Dowell | Stand Up!

G’day, I’m Max (he/him) and I am proud to be the 2021 Stand Up! Disabilities candidate. As a queer student on the spectrum I know firsthand the alienation many are feeling in isolation right now. With about a quarter of students identifying as having a disability and mental health in crisis during this pandemic, the role of the Disabilities office is as important as ever.

I therefore intend to fight for an accessible department, UMSU, campus and community. I’ll expand the range of collectives to include all autonomous departments, establishing an intersectional foundation for the department. I will also provide a variety of structured/non-structured collectives to provide a space for neurodiverse students to make friends free from the ambiguity of a conventional setting.

The transition to online learning has revealed that the university is more than happy to cater to able-bodied students when they can no longer access campus. I will ensure that they extend this generosity outside the pandemic. Special consideration and academic adjustment plans shouldn’t be antagonistic, and I will work closely with my peers to secure better student conditions in proud Stand Up! Tradition.

I also want to see an accessibility review for all university campuses, as well as the provision of accessibility plans for all UMSU events, publications and political actions (or help provide meaningful alternatives to physical attendance) so no student misses out on university life.

Finally, UMSU’s resources and reach are vast; we have a platform to fight systemic issues for a truly accessible education. I intend to collaborate with community organisations to empower people with disabilities both on and off campus to become the loudest voice in the union.

I will stand up for all students across the disability spectrum; in return, just vote [1] Stand Up! to win the fight.

Education (Academic Affairs) Officer

  • Daniel Clarke & Varaidzo Chipunza | Stand Up!

Hi, we’re Varaidzo (she/her) and Daniel (he/him) and we hope to be your next Education Academic Officers.

We study Politics and English (Varaidzo), as well as Computing and Software Systems (Daniel). Through witnessing first hand the difficulties people are facing during COVID-19, we believe that now more than ever student representation at university is paramount to having a fair and transparent higher education experience. We wish to continue the work Stand Up! has been able to achieve, such as the WAM Amnesty that has assisted so many in these pressing times and the ongoing support and advocacy that the current Stand Up! Office bearers have provided students with.

If elected, we will collaborate with students and academics across all faculties in order to ensure that students are provided with a fairer experience. We will endeavour to ensure that there is transparency in subjects, subject coordination, the expected workload and the various key dates associated with assessments.

The pandemic has proven how necessary it is for every student to have access to services and support in order to be able to complete their studies. We will advocate on behalf of all students to ensure that they receive the best possible education throughout this crisis going forward.  This includes making sure that Special Consideration is accessible for all students who need it and that it is a fair process.

Given the current situation with COVID we are aware that University life is going to continue to be vastly different heading into next year. So vote [1] Stand Up! for a ticket that has a proven track record of delivering real outcomes for students to help them get through these difficult times. And we look forward to hearing any concerns going into 2021 so we can get through this together!

  • Benjamin Cronshaw & Phoebe Legget | Independents for Student Democracy

Phoebe Leggett is a second-year Arts student studying linguistics and ancient history. I am involved with various clubs, including serving as Secretary and President of the Classics and Archaeology Students Society. I firmly believe that all students should be able to access and have a say over their education. As the Greek philosopher, Plato said: ὁ δὲ ἀνεξέταστος βίος οὐ βιωτὸς ἀνθρώπῳ “the unexamined life is not worth living”.

Benjamin Cronshaw is a fourth-year Ancient World Studies Honours student. I am planning on studying a Master’s in Public Policy and Administration. I believe university is a great place for learning and the exchange and contest of ideas. All students should expect a quality education and should be supported in their learning experience. Independents for Student Democracy is a group of students passionate about democracy and promoting student wellbeing and community/clubs experience on campus.

  • Jennisha Arnanta & Planning Jay Vynn Saw | Community for UMSU

Hi! We’re Planning, third year Bachelor of Biomedicine, and Jennisha, third year Bachelor of Commerce. We will fight for greater accountability and transparency in the academic and policy processes of the University.

We will ensure transparency between UMSU and the student population in their communication with the university. The pandemic has shown us that there has been a lack of inclusivity of students’ voices to contribute to the decisions made by the University. The student population are not aware of the processes and proposals that underlie the decisions such as Fee Reduction, WAM Change or GPA Change, leaving students to question the rationale of these outcomes.

We will reignite the fight towards Fee Reduction for all students. This should not be an issue that “this too shall pass”, and it is unreasonable for the university to assume that the same quality of education is delivered when lecture contents are recycled and in-person tutorials and practical.

We will ensure that the university allows for greater input from students in the co-design of subjects. Instead of only offering subject experience surveys, student representatives should be involved in discussions with the subject coordinator after a subject has ended, so that improvements can be made to the subject based on the feedback of the students.

We will ensure that Stop 1 is run competently. Students often face anxiety and stress as they wait for long periods of time before receiving a reply from Stop 1. There has to be more staff in Stop 1 especially during peak periods and the pandemic has once again shown the inadequacy of our student support services.

Students from all over the world travel to Melbourne expecting a world-class education and therefore, we will fight for all their voices, both domestic and international, to be heard loud and clear.

  • Michael Josefsson

No candidate statement submitted.

  • Timothy Lilley | VVholesome

“I’m going to bed before either of you come up with another clever idea to get us killed.  Or worse, expelled.” – J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

Education (Public Affairs) Officer

  • Edison Wei Long Ngu

No candidate statement submitted.

  • Hannah Krasovec & Tejas Gandhi | Stand Up!

Hey everyone, we’re Hannah (she/her) and Tejas (he/him), your Stand Up! Education Public Affairs candidates for 2021.

2020 has seen numerous attacks on education for Unimelb students – subjects have been cut, over 450 Unimelb staff have lost their jobs, and the Liberal Government wants to increase the price of some degrees by 113%, and cut funding for others. The current Stand Up! Education Public Officers have led the fight on all these issues. We know that these attacks aren’t going to disappear next year – we will continue the fight and win, just as Stand Up! fought the university to introduce the WAM amnesty.

But we also have new plans – to create a collective for rural, regional and interstate students. Currently, UMSU has no department for rural, regional and interstate students – by introducing a collective, we hope to engage students and allow them to lead the movement to create a department in UMSU.

Currently with online learning, we plan to work with the university and partner with more open educational resources that are accessible to all students and staff. This will enhance the learning experience of students at the university. We believe in supporting students academically and financially by working on reducing textbooks costs and increasing scholarships and bursaries for students. Active learning and upskilling yourself before graduate school is important for academic success but the university has been ignorant to this. So we plan to introduce and increase new and more graduate preparation workshops so that students are prepared for their graduate school learning.

Overall, our aim is to make each and every student voice heard and make sure every student has an equal opportunity to study and be successful in their academic endeavors particularly during these uncertain times. Vote [1] Stand Up! Keep up the Fight!

  • Ezra Bangun | VVholesome

Well, the question is how are we going public if Corona is still going? Well, isn’t it obvious? We are going to start a Youtube channel! So please don’t forget to SMASH that like button, subscribe and hit the bell icon to get notified. And also comment if you have any other idea on how to become public! (Honestly, this is not a bad idea, Education Public has to be public! Get the voice out in a constructive and fun manner!)

Always be VVholesome, and don’t forget to vote [1] (and [2], and [3], and etc.) for the ticket you prefer (it can be us, or anyone else)!

  • Noman Khan

No candidate statement submitted.

  • Caleb Ribates & Verity Crane | Community for UMSU

The integrity of Unimelb’s status as a world-leading University is undermined by putting profit margins ahead of the interests of students and staff. The future of higher education depends on the student community being treated as genuine partners in their education. Now more than ever, we need a University that is willing to stand up against the Government’s proposed fee hikes and confront systemic inequalities within society.

Course fees for students are set to increase, the government contribution made to the University will also decrease under proposed changes. These changes mean larger class-sizes and less one-on-one engagement for students. If these changes are not opposed, students can expect to pay more for a poorer quality education.

Focussing on the University’s WAM policy alone fails to address the most urgent issue faced by students: paying exorbitant fees for an education that has diminished in quality since moving online. If elected, we will work to obtain fee relief through pursuing collective cohort grievances, through grassroots campaigns resisting increases to higher education fees and to oppose mass job cuts, we will

create a taskforce of students and staff to address the crisis in secure housing and we will lobby the State Government to introduce free public transport for all students including international and graduate students. Under our leadership, Education (Public Affairs) will focus on ambitious, lasting change that protects the University and its students from the harms of profit-seeking decisions.

Caleb and Verity hope to elevate national discourse on free education through campaigns. This team has been instrumental in the ongoing fee relief campaign with UMSU Southbank. They bring a wealth of experience in community engagement and filmmaking practices, integrating these into their work as Education (Public Affairs) officers. Vote [1] Community, your community fighting with you!

  • Justin Riazaty | Amplify

No candidate statement submitted.

  • Taoyang Liu

No candidate statement submitted.

Environment Officer

  • Ann Nguyen & James Park | Community for UMSU

We’re Ann and James.

Ann is a Science student who has spent the last three years advocating for environmental issues through her involvement with Vegan Club and Effective Altruism. James is a Commerce student who is passionate about social impact, and hopes to shift the paradigm with which today’s youth view environmental justice.

Our experiences have taught us the value of a supportive community in achieving sustainable impacts. No one has to be a perfect environmentalist; the Enviro Office needs to foster consistent effort and a willingness to engage.

We want the Enviro Collective to be a welcoming space for all students, regardless of experience or knowledge of environmental activism. By collaborating with UMSU INTL, alongside like-minded clubs and societies, we will platform the grassroots initiatives already flourishing on campus. We want to make sure the journey towards being a better activist is an engaging, not exclusionary process.

We hope to diversify environmental education- in a way that recognises the barrier faced by international students, people of colour, and all those from diverse backgrounds in accessing these spaces. We want to run workshops to highlight the growing trends in environmental activism, and make this knowledge accessible to all.

We will still be fighting for the ‘big issues’ that face our environment today. We want to pressure the University to follow global trends and declare a Climate Emergency, seizing on this momentum to divest from destructive multinationals once and for all. And because there can be no environmental justice in an oppressive world, we want to foster a truly intersectional understanding of our Department. We want to engage in dialogues with allies, and centre marginalised voices in the struggle for environmental justice in all work we do.

Vote [1] Community, your community fighting with you!

  • Gabriel Kennedy

No candidate statement submitted.

  • Michael Thomas Plant | Amplify

No candidate statement submitted.

  • Ezra Bangun | VVholesome

Welcome back to my Ted Talk. Last year I gave the fun fact that Dendrophilia means someone that is (sexually) attracted to trees. This year, my fun fact is Rafflesia Anorldi is a very smelly flower. It’s named after British botanist and statesman who collected its specimen. To be honest, I have no idea why they want their name to be related to a not so nice thing. It’s like naming UMSU “Scott Crawford Student Union” since he’s the reason why we have UMSU instead of MUSU. Thank you for listening to my second Ted Talk.

Always be VVholesome, and don’t forget to vote [1] (and [2], and [3], and etc.) for the ticket you prefer (it can be us, or anyone else)!

  • Briana Symonds-Manne & Emma Dynes | Stand Up!

We’re Emma and Bri! We’re radical climate activists running for the Environment Office next year.

Capitalism is destroying the planet. The system’s endless search for profit has already created rising temperatures, savage bushfires, and extreme floods. Events like this are going to become the ‘new normal’ globally. Last year we organised university contingents to all the school strikes, Extinction Rebellion protests, blockaded the world’s largest mining conference in Melbourne, IMARC, and helped found Uni Students for Climate Justice, which organised huge protests over Scomo’s mishandling of the bushfires.

On campus, we protested the university’s sponsorship of IMARC and Rio Tinto at the Careers Day expo. This year we crashed the ‘commencement ceremony’ to remind everybody that Melbourne University is complicit in climate destruction through its undisclosed investments in fossil fuels, arms manufacturing and sponsorship of mining conferences.

Greta Thunberg’s school strike rebellion that mobilised millions globally is the mass movement we need to fight climate change. We can’t rely on politicians when support for coal, gas and oil is bipartisan politics in Australia. The Liberal government is for a gas-driven economic recovery, and the Adani coal mine is being built under Queensland Labor. Fossil fuels are at the heart of Australian capitalism. Real resistance will only come from below.

If elected we’ll dedicate the Environment Office to fighting for climate justice. We will demand that the University divest from fossil fuels and arms manufacturing, and end collaboration with climate criminals like Rio Tinto. From the Government, we’ll demand an immediate stop to the construction of the Adani coal mine, an end to coal and gas extraction, and a just transition to 100% renewable energy. We’ll fight in solidarity with Indigenous struggles and for the millions of refugees displaced by environmental destruction. Vote [1] Stand Up! Keep up the Fight!

General Secretary

  • Sara Burns | Amplify

No candidate statement submitted.

  • Ciara O’Sullivan | Community for UMSU

I believe that students at the University of Melbourne can dramatically change how we experience the University. But this takes a long-term strategic vision, a diversity of tactics to win. I believe that student representatives should be working with students, not just for students. For me, creating change isn’t about doing things on the behalf of students, or telling them what to do. It’s about seeking advice from the student community, empowering students to make their own change, and acting in concert with their demands.

UMSU is supposed to be working with students, but a lack of engagement and consultation has led to a fundamentally alienating organisation.

UMSU isn’t accessible-it’s run through complex bureaucratic systems that are nearly impossible to navigate, and do not reflect the experiences of the average student. UMSU’s constitution doesn’t work for students, it works against them. It is inflexible, it is restrictive, it is Kafkaesque. UMSU needs to be completely over-hauled, so we can build a student union that actually understands the student reality.

Despite this, over the past two years I have worked tirelessly to represent the queer community, first as Queer Rep on Council, and this year as Queer Officer. This past year I:

– helped raise the profile of queer students on campus by lobbying the university to create a gender affirmation policy and introduce student ally training.
– Campaigned against transphobia in tutorials
– was one of the first departments to respond to the COVID-19 crisis by creating care packages for students who could not access essential supplies due to panic-buying.

I cannot sit by and allow an institution with so much potential to support students continue to waste its promise.

That is why I’m running for General Secretary. Vote [1] Community for all positions, for an UMSU can do better.

  • Harry Black | Stand Up!

My name is Harry Black (he/him), and I am running to be the General Secretary of UMSU in 2021. Like many students, I have been a great beneficiary of the services and advocacy provided by the student union. It would be an honour and a privilege to be able to make my own contribution to the union in the role of General Secretary.

Over the last three years, I have been actively involved with several student societies that are at the heart of life on campus. Having organised some of the largest events on campus as part of the FMAA, and with my experience in oversight of club governance through the C&S committee of UMSU, I understand the importance of societies to campus life at the University of Melbourne. These experiences have given me an appreciation of how students engage with UMSU – and unfortunately, how many students feel alienated from it.

In 2021, with your support, we can change that. We can build on the work done over the last year in delivering the WAM amnesty by demanding more of our University leadership. We can look after the interests of international students who are paying too much to receive too little, we can find new ways to connect students even if it is over the internet, and we can make UMSU more transparent than it has ever been before.

I know that this year has been difficult at the best of times. With your support, I would like to make next year the best that it can be. Vote for an experienced team, vote for a progressive team, vote [1] Stand Up! Keep up the fight!

  • Benjamin Cronshaw | Independents for Student Democracy

No candidate statement submitted.

  • Timothy Lilley | VVholesome

“Two plus two equals five.” – George Orwell, Nineteen Eighty-Four

Indigenous Officer

  • Shanysa McConville – elected unopposed

No candidate statement submitted.

  • Hope Kuchel – elected unopposed

No candidate statement submitted.

Media Officer 

  • Ailish Hallinan, Elmira Cheung, Lauren Berry and Pavani Ambagahawattha | Independent Media – provisionally elected unopposed

Hey pals! We’re Pavani, Lauren, Elmira and Ailish, and we’re running to be your Media Officer Bearers (OBs) in 2021. We’ve been extensively involved with the department in the past and bring diverse skills and lived experiences to this position. Pavani (she/her) is a second-year international student committed to making the department more representative of the student body it serves. Lauren (she/her) is a third-year Media, English and French student dedicated to growing ‘media’ in all its forms: print, audio-visual and online. Elmira (she/her) is a second-year Fine Arts (painting) student with a passion for pushing boundaries of design and accessibility to campuses beyond Parkville. Ailish (she/her) is a third-year Politics & Media major on a mission to create more publication opportunities for students.

We recognise that 2020 was a turning-point for media, and our experiences this year shape our 2021 vision. As OBs, we have four main goals. First, we will make media more accessible to all students, primarily by expanding our online presence. We will revamp the Farrago and Fodder websites as well as organise a more frequent upload schedule to showcase student work outside traditional print cycles. Second, we are passionate about stimulating engagement from all aspects of the student community. We intend to partner closely with satellite campuses, and collaborate with various faculties, UMSU departments, and societies. Third, we want to showcase media in all its forms, with a revived focus on audio, audio-visual and social media-based content. Finally, we consider student media our home, and are determined to foster this community spirit. We want to provide contributors with individualized support, host free educational workshops and cross-team meetups, and nurture autonomous spaces where BIPOC contributors can collectively discuss their specific needs.

For an independent and inclusive Media Department, Vote [1] Independent Media!

People of Colour Officer

  • Emily AlRamadhan & Mohamed Hadi | Community for UMSU

Hey guys! We’re Mohamed and Emily, we’re international students studying science and we’re super keen on becoming your office bearers next year!

Engaging with the POC department over the past two years has given us safe spaces to express ourselves and learn from different cultures while exploring our intersectionalities. However, we are disappointed with the current state of the department because of its low student engagement and transparency. It was frustrating for Mohamed to face unneeded difficulties and obstacles when coordinating the only safe space for Bla(c)k students on campus. This experience has shown us the realities and the fundamental problems that the department has. Because of this, we are driven to reform and improve our department.

We want to bring a bigger sense of community by bi-weekly newsletters, multiple engaging campaigns, and hold public informal forums to continuously receive feedback and understand what the community needs. A big part of our campaign is to work on improving mental health services by establishing in-union Bla(c)k and POC run mental health services in conjunction with UMSU international, while fighting harder for more psychologists of colour in the university’s CAPS services.

In addition, its essential to collaborate with UMSU Indigenous in our conversations and bring them to the table, by a campaign about what constitutes good allyship, establishing affirmative action for Bla(c)k and POC students on committees and lead an effort with UMSU education to decolonize subjects by diversifying reading lists and resources.

There’s a lot more that we want to do, but we have hopefully given you an insight into what we dream that this department can become, and what we hope is a legacy of community-grounded activism. We want the strong vision that we have to inspire people for years to come and create a community of connected people.

  • Taoyang Liu

No candidate statement submitted.

  • Ariana Tugaga

No candidate statement submitted.

  • Comfort Agunbiade & Nicole Nabbout | Stand Up!

Hi everyone! We are Nicole (she/her) and Comfort (she/her) and we’re running with Stand Up! for the People of Colour Office! Nicole is a first generation Lebanese woman completing a Bachelor of Arts and Comfort is a first generation Nigerian woman completing a Bachelor of Arts! Through involvement in the POC space, we have both developed a significant passion for activism and fighting for student services.

Students of Colour have a right to feel safe, included and empowered to voice their concerns in an environment that equips them with the resources to do so.

More particularly, we will continue to lobby the University to increase the accessibility of mental health services for students of colour. POC do not see themselves represented within the services that are available to them at their University and this needs to change immediately. This includes campaigns around increasing representation within CAPS, extending free CAPS sessions and increasing funding. We will also be fighting for an autonomous POC space that will be used for all collectives, events and workshops. As well as this, we will campaign to increase POC representation and expression within the university curriculum through advocating for more encompassing subjects. Our fight for worker’s rights will also continue with the expansion of the POC Workers and Activist Collective, where we will fight against one of the greatest barriers to an accessible education. Finally, we hope to form an UMSU Anti-Racism and Discrimation Working Group to fight against the racial violence that has undoubtedly risen in recent times.

POC students deserve better than a University that constantly neglects them – we know it is more important than ever to keep up our fight and this change will only occur through a progressive student union. Vote [1] Stand Up! Keep up the Fight!


  • Ezra Bangun | VVholesome

Hi there, Ezra here, again! With VVholesome! But instead of Pikachu, we have Pingu now! So, what exactly is our ticket? It’s quite a meme ticket but also with a slight seriousness here and there. We want to ensure that UMSU Election is fun and democratic. With UMSU election still usually getting less that 10% turnout rate, it’s very important to raise awareness that you can and you should vote! Now!

I want normal students to be more involved in UMSU because they comprise more than 90% of the student population. No one really knows, even hacks, what UMSU is or what it should be. This is not the most serious ticket, but if you vote for it, it shows you want to redefine UMSU. You want UMSU to becomes better and represent the whole student population.

So, if you are reading this guide, you will be able to read all my statements! Please enjoy my procrastination work and have a laugh. If you are unsure who to vote for, make sure to read everyone’s statements and ask them about their policies so you’ll be informed! You should also vote for us because I do believe that we, including me, are viable candidates, even with our fun statements. Not all of us hope to be elected, but we all care about students! Enjoy election week everyone! I’ll be here hanging out with Pingu!

Always be VVholesome, and don’t forget to vote [1] (and [2], and [3], and etc.) for the ticket you prefer (it can be us, or anyone else)!

  • Benjamin Cronshaw | Independents for Student Democracy

I am a 4th year Arts student completing a thesis on Roman slavery and early humanitarian thought, including early Stoic and Christian writings on slavery. It is quite fascinating, and connects to my passion for contemporary social justice and the modern fight against slavery. I have had a great experience in my time at university, and I want to help make a positive time for everyone else as well. I have been deeply involved with the Unimelb community and clubs and societies. This has included serving as:

  • President (Classics and Archaeology Students Society)
  • Vice President (Chocolate Lover’s Society + Biological Society)
  • Education Officer (History Society)
  • General Committee (Film Society and many others)

For the past year, I have also served as an elected representative on the UMSU Activities Committee, helping with events such as trivia. I believe university is a great place for learning and the exchange and contest of ideas. We should be respectful of each other, but also opened to being challenged and hearing new perspectives (even where we disagree). The Student Union has an important role in upholding the varied interests of students and facilitating a positive and caring student community. Why I am running for President? The simple answer is because I can, which is to say, I think we should always appreciate and take the opportunities we have in a democracy. I encourage people to be involved in democracy wherever they can, whether to vote, supporting a ticket/party or standing for office themselves. If you are reading this and voting, perhaps you might want to run for President next year too. Independents for Student Democracy is a group of students passionate about democracy and promoting student wellbeing and community/clubs experience on campus.

  • Henry Jackson

No candidate statement submitted.

  • Archit Agrawal | Community for UMSU

UMSU is meant to represent all students at the University of Melbourne. However, it has not done enough to represent marginalised communities. It’s now time for a change.

I am an international student, who came to Melbourne in 2018. I volunteered for UMSU INTL for almost 2 years before being elected as President. During my time, I have campaigned for the launch of the Emergency Support Fund, I fought for a 24×7 Mental Health Toll-free Support Line and I established close ties with Council of International Students Australia to bring more opportunities for our students. My passion for activism and change has led me to be able to do these things.

Despite these successes, there have been many times where I’ve felt frustrated and hurt by UMSU’s complex bureaucratic systems that exclude those who don’t fit the mould. UMSU has so much potential but has crucially fallen short of being the kind of representation students need. UMSU can do better, and I know I will get us there if elected.

This year has been challenging. It has been exhausting. But that’s why we need a leader who will care about students and act in their favor. I vow to bring the passion and activism from UMSU INTL to UMSU. UMSU should be a place where everyone is welcome, where students regardless of their background can grow and learn from each other. Differences should be celebrated, inclusion should be a priority and above all, we should strive for a representative body that actually reflects its students.

If you’re after an UMSU that better represents you and reflects the realities of UniMelb today, take this chance to vote [1] for Community, your community!

For more details on Community, my achievements this year, and my policies for 2021, visit

  • Jack Buksh | Stand Up!

Hi! I’m Jack (he/him) and it would be an honour to be your 2021 UMSU President. The last year serving as General Secretary has only cemented my passion for this union and the amazing work that it does. 2020 has not been an easy year for students and now, more than ever, we need a progressive student union that can fight for their rights and make real change.

As General Secretary this year, I have been able to lead UMSU’s response to COVID-19. We were able to take student voices straight to the university executive – that was how we won the WAM amnesty, changes to special consideration, COVID-19 financial support and so much more. This robust experience that myself and the rest of the Stand Up! team has means that we know how to get results for students when it counts.

But the fight isn’t over yet. I’ve seen firsthand the absolute inability for the university to adequately respond to student demands and student needs. Universities are student funded and they should be student owned – this means putting student voices at the forefront of University decision making processes. Student voices are powerful – we proved that this year – when we come together and stand up for our rights, we can make a difference.

I will fight for reform to university council; more student representation on Academic Board, including a representative for UMSU International; fairer, more accessible special consideration; more support for students in the fallout of Covid-19, and more.

We can – and must – fight back. Against government funding cuts to our education, on safety on campus, cuts to university support services and an inaccessible campus. Together, we can make this happen.

Vote [1] Stand Up! and keep up the fight.

  • Dan Crowley

No candidate statement submitted.

  • Allan Tran

No candidate statement submitted.

  • Jeremy Mann | Amplify

I’m standing as your UMSU Presidential Candidate with Amplify on a centre-right wing platform of representation, accountability and sensible governance.

I believe in a Student Union that truly delivers for the needs of all students; ensuring that student union funds are used in an appropriate matter to serve your best interests.

During the difficult times we are all facing as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, students have not been able to fully utilise the services that they are paying for and entitled to utilise.

With Amplify, I will advocate on your behalf to abolish the unfair and undemocratic Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) once and for all; whilst students find themselves isolated at home and unable to participate in any on-campus activities.

I believe in actively standing up for students by pushing for the University to ensure that all lectures are recently recorded, and course resources are updated to meet the demands of an online learning environment.

As your UMSU President, I will deliver on providing greater accessibility to student services, including timetabling, career advice and dynamic study spaces. Our Student Union should look at what truly affects students and Amplify will ensure that your voice is heard.

Queer Officer

  • Jason Rimmer & Jessie Ferrari | Stand Up!

Hi I am Jay and I am a Non-Binary  Kaurna person passionate about making a space for LGBTQI+ students at the University. Te (Hello) I’m am Jessie a proud Trans, Genderfluid, Bisexual, Neurodivergent Yorta Yorta person. I am the current Indigenous Student Representative on the student council and the current Indigenous committee member for QueersInScience. I come from a strong bloodline of Indigenous unionists and activists and am continuing on that legacy and channeling that fire into fighting for the rights of LGBTQI+ students at the University.

We’re really excited to be running to be your Queer Office Bearers for 2021! Next year, we will ensure that the Queer Space is activist, inclusive, accessible and decolonial. By making sure that the Queer Space can cater to those with special needs, we can ensure the department is representative of all queer students on campus.

The Queer Department needs to elevate the voices of BIPOC LGBTQI+ people. We will run events regarding queer diversity. Within the queer community there are so many different types of people and much greater diversity within, we need to create a safe space for Queer Indigenous and Bla(c)k people to engage safely in the queer department. We will set up the first Bla(c)k and Indigenous collective Queer collective, to give those a safe space to build their voice within the department.

And of course, we are going to keep up the fight against homophobia, transphobia, biphobia, acephobia, enbyphobia, interphobia!  We will continue to pressure the Vice Chancellor against Holly Lawford-Smith and the anti-trans sentiments she spreads on campus. We will collaborate with other autonomous departments, to make this a whole of union fight. When we all come together and fight, we make change.

Vote [1] Stand Up! Keep up the Fight!

  • Amy Bright & Laura Ehrensperger | Community for UMSU

Hello! We are Amy Bright and Laura Ehrensperger. We want to make 2021 bigger and gayer than ever by becoming your Queer Officers! Laura is a bisexual woman who studies Criminology, plays three different instruments, and has a black belt in Taekwondo (groovy, right?). Amy is a bi/ace, trans girl studying Theatre and Politics, and served as president of GLEAM at Monash – a queer club for professional development – before defecting to Unimelb; she proudly made the space accessible to TIGD students and queer POC, and brings that mindset to the UMSU Queer Department.

Student advocacy remains our key priority. We will combat transphobia at Unimelb, deplatform prominent TERFs at the uni, and move along progress on the All-Gender Bathrooms. Resources will be directed to queer international students to make our queer spaces accessible for them and support them with visa, immigration and asylum processes where relevant. Queer and intersectional autonomy will be at the heart of our advocacy, and that means consulting and empowering our beloved autonomous groups.

2021 will feature your favourite queer events, including Queer Ball (get hyped), G&Ts with the LGBTs, and Queer Lunch, alongside exciting new events to contrast 2020’s tough circumstances. We want everything from cute picnics and game nights, to bigger stuff like queer and intersectional workshops, self-defense classes for queers, and inclusive gym and swim sessions. All of our events must be accessible for everyone, not just abled, cis and white people, otherwise they do not serve their purpose of community-building and creating safe spaces for free expression and visibility.

Amy and Laura are dedicated to accessibility, inclusivity and autonomy, because queer spaces are not for ‘palatable’ types of queer. Queer spaces are for all queer people (that includes you, asexuals and aromantics!). Vote [1] Community!

Southbank Activities and Events Coordinator

  • Jungwoo Kim | Community for UMSU

Due to the pandemic, mental health has worsened, and this risks their opportunities to stay socially active within the community. I intend to put my values into preparing and delivering plans for the Southbank community. I will also use my experience in directing and managing events so that students are socially engaged while studying at home. In this unusual world, it is crucial that students’ mental health is maintained well. By voting Community at the election, we will work hard to ensure more mental health assistance can be effectively provided to students within the Southbank Campus.

  • Noman Khan

No candidate statement submitted.

Southbank Campaigns Coordinator

  • Xinglong Li

No candidate statement submitted.

  • Leyla Moxham | Community for UMSU

Every student at the Southbank campus deserves the right to access a high standard of education. Right now the university is implementing cost-cutting procedures that fail to meet that standard. I believe in the power of the student collective that will foster artistic integrity through demanding transparency and elevating the voices of our students. By voting Community you are supporting a grassroots movement of students who will continue to fight for the quality of education you deserve.

  • Will Hall | Community for UMSU

A Southbank campus that lives up to its claims of bravery and inclusivity needs to encourage autonomy among its staff, students and artists. Currently, a maleficent university management are hoodwinking students and disenfranchising their educators by reducing the importance of their education to a dollar sign. By ensuring greater student representation on faculty committees, pursuing fee relief, and recovering the collective power of student activists and artists we can hold them accountable.

The decisions made at Parkville don’t always take into consideration the unique requirements we have as a campus; this means more than the odd cash splash. Helping to foster the values and attitudes that have made the Victorian College of the Arts and the Melbourne Conservatorium such stalwarts of artistic pursuit and advance are of paramount importance to the strength and resilience of our community.

My view is that the missing part of this equation is strong and compassionate student leadership and an informed student body that demands consistent and honest communication. When students enrol in years to come, we want to make sure they can devote all their attention to their practice without having to worry about being covered by insurance or having reasonable contact hours for their wellbeing. The Faculty Executive has a healthy ambition and devoted staff, but without an organised student community they will sadly continue to fall short of our needs. Our goal is for artistic liberation and institutional transparency to foster an atmosphere at Southbank where we can fearlessly stand for our beliefs.

  • Ishkav Sobti | Stand Up!

Hey everyone, I’m Ikshvak (he/him) and I’m very excited to be your Stand Up! Southbank Campus Co-ordinator Candidate for 2021! I’m very passionate about the arts and particularly advocacy for artists and creatives during this extremely difficult and uncertain time. At present, the over 6000 Southbank students only have access to one counsellor available a mere three days per week, despite the difficulty everyone is facing during this time. By fighting against the reduction of mental and physical health support, I hope to bring counselling and psychological services to all students, regardless of background  financial status to a minimum of 5 days a week for absolutely no cost. Southbank students have the most contact-hour-heavy courses at the entire university, and we deserve access to not only mental health support services but also legal, medical, academic and sexual harassment and assault support for all students.

Southbank students are among the strongest when it comes to collective action and rallying for change, and I intend to continue this; continuing the fight for fee-remission and reduction for subjects impacted by COVID-19, standing up against the increase in tuition fees, and pushing back against cutting and furloughing key VCA and MCM staff that are crucial to our learning.  Southbank students also deserve time to destress away from the academic, performance and creative setting; which will be achieved with more accessibility for the food bank program and an increase of on-campus activities and events.

Being the leader of such a diverse, creative and amazing group of students would be an absolute honour, and I’m looking forward to working with everyone at Southbank to campaign and rally for positive change! Vote [1] Stand Up! to continue and support the fight for a fairer, more inclusive and safer campus!

Welfare Officer

  • Yuhao Zhai

No candidate statement submitted.

  • Edison Wei Long Ngu

No candidate statement submitted.

  • Taoyang Liu

No candidate statement submitted.

  • Evelyn Ranogajec & Felix Sharkey | Stand Up!

Hi everyone!

We’re Evvie and Felix, and we’re campaigning to be your Welfare Office Bearers for 2021!

Evvie (she/her) is a third year arts student majoring in English and Creative Writing. Felix (he/him) is a second year arts student majoring in Politics. We are both heavily involved in student activism, having been in many campaigns and protests and we’ve both served as Students’ Councillors this year.

The Welfare Office provides many essential services that students rely on, such as the free breakfasts and the food banks. We will fight to see this expanded to include additional essential items such as sanitary products and household goods. We see the Welfare Department as one that should be at the forefront of activism. The COVID crisis has laid bare the systemic issues that affect young people and students.

We wish to run campaigns focusing around CAPs, providing more accessible and funded resources to reach more students. Drug law reform is another issue pertinent to students and we will use our position to de-stigmatise drug use and ensure pill testing kits and harm reduction training is readily available. Furthermore, we wish to start the Welfare Collective up again, with a focus on class activism and run for and by low SES students.

Finally, we want to focus on ensuring the university is doing everything they can to provide adequate housing for students. We will do this by supporting grassroots campaigns against the privatisation of public housing, advocating for a reformed college structures with more scholarship opportunities and making sure UMSU Legal and Advocacy have more funds to assist students with rent issues.

We want to make sure the Welfare Department is at the forefront of activism as well as focusing on service provision. Vote [1] Stand Up! Keep up the Fight!

  • Henry | Amplify

No candidate statement submitted.

  • Ezra Bangun | VVholesome

Well, Corona is not very good. That’s why Welfare is more important than ever. There are three things that you should do, sleep, eat, and drink!

Sleep: Sleeping is good! If you don’t have enough time to sleep at night because you are playing and idle game and waiting for that energy to fill up, just turn off your zoom camera in class and sleep. It seems like most people are already doing it!

Eat: Make sure to get enough food. Go to KFC now before they run out of chickens (which already happened)!


Always be VVholesome, and don’t forget to vote [1] (and [2], and [3], and etc.) for the ticket you prefer (it can be us, or anyone else)!

  • Allen Xiao & Hue Man Dang | Community for UMSU

We’re Allen and Hue Man. We’re both studying Biomedicine, and we would love to be your Welfare Officers for 2021!

Our combined volunteering experience extends across clubs, colleges, and UMSU itself. We want to build on this to create a thriving Welfare Department that supports all students. We’ve seen first-hand how a corporatised university system lets us down- whether it be international students who live far from home, low-SES students who are struggling financially, or simply students who need extra support.

This needs systemic change. We want to rethink the role of the Welfare Department in the lives of students. We want to expand the Department’s volunteering programs, facilitating workshops that ultimately empower students to support their peers.

Beyond that, we have so many goals for 2021:

* ‘Wellbeing at Home’ aid program to subsidise the cost of home appliances for students.
* Mutual support in Welfare Collective – help students with the cost of buying professional clothes for interviews (because you shouldn’t break the bank to get a job!). We will also help students with building CVs, knowing your employee rights, and connecting to union services, to better prepare them for the world of work.
* Advocate for better Counselling and Psychological Services (CAPS) because no student should wait 6 weeks for mental health support.
* Expanded ‘Food Aid’ Program: more nutritious food that supports your dietary requirements and is culturally diverse (you’ll have to share with us your favourite home cooked meals!)

For a Welfare Department that will support all students, no matter where they come from, vote [1] Community in all positions – your community fighting with you!

Women’s Officer

  • Mickhaella Ermita & Srishti Chatterjee | Community for UMSU

This is a year we’ve all realised how much we need our communities. Historically, the Women’s Department (and feminist activism) has been a space for mostly cisgender women, most of whom are white, who engage in a very specific kind of activism. Mickhaella(she/her) and Srishti(they/them) are women and non-binary people (respectively) of colour. We are international students, building our lives within the hardships we uniquely face because of our intersecting identities.

Through initiatives like trauma-informed ‘Safety on Campus’ that focuses on survivors’ mental health support, BIPOC-specific reporting services, and Advocacy and Legal workshops for international students to help them navigate reporting processes in “Australia”, we want to make sure EVERYONE, at different stages of learning, feels safe at University.

Women and non-binary people don’t just exist to be movements. We are people with diverse experiences. We want to bring the conversation on consent, relationships and sex to people who have always been excluded from it – people with disabilities, asexual and aromantic people. We also want to make sure we make menstrual hygiene products available to all libraries, especially after-hours to make studying a more comfortable experience for all people who menstruate. We will make fun movie nights, reading groups and a personalised podcast happen – our communities have SO MANY stories to tell, and stories make tough conversations easier.

We would also love to make UMSU committee meetings (which are open to everyone) and year-long policy forums accessible to people outside of UMSU. The Union is a site of life, and not just banners, posters and microphones that are made for a few. Now, more than ever, our main objective is to include voices that have been traditionally excluded from the department and the Union, and we will make that happen for our communities.

  • Marit Gillam

No candidate statement submitted.

  • Sneha Challa & Thonya Deverall | Stand Up!

Hey everyone!

We’re Sneha (she/they) and Thonya (she/her), and we want to be your Women’s Office Bearers for 2021! Since starting university we’ve both been passionately involved in the fight for students on campus, and active members of the Women’s Department. Together we hold positions on the People of Colour Committee, Women’s Committee and Students Council. We aim to run a Women’s Department that is welcoming, intersectional and impactful, and work to engage all parts of our community. Our main focus for this year will be continuing the Safety on Campus campaign, fighting for the right of every student to feel safe on campus and for a survivour-centric response to sexual assault and harassment. We aim to focus this campaign on three overarching areas: Demanding a Primary Prevention Approach, Championing a Therapeutic Response and Creating a Safer University Culture. This involves advocating safer events and for a Health and Wellbeing center that centralises support for survivors and prioritising their safety in seeking help and if they choose to report. Intersectionality is an essential part of this campaign and will be prioritised through the UMSU Sexual Assault and Harassment Working Group as well as the Women’s Action Collective to involve students and elevate their lived experiences as much as possible. We will launch the Empowerment Project which aims to increase student engagement with the department and empower students who are women and non-binary people with the knowledge, confidence and skills to smash the patriarchy wherever we find it. The project will consist of biweekly ”themes” with complimentary activities including workshops (such as a return of the It’s Not A Compliment Active Bystander Workshop), guest speakers and discussion sessions organised through our Women’s Collective. Vote [1] Stand Up! Keep up the Fight!

  • Hena Maker

No candidate statement submitted.

  • Phoebe Leggett | Independents for Student Democracy

I am a second-year Arts student studying linguistics and ancient history. I am involved with various clubs, including serving as Secretary and President of the Classics and Archaeology Students Society. I also play the Bassoon. I firmly believe that all students should be able to access and have a say over their education without fear of discrimination. As the Greek philosopher, Plato said: ὁ δὲ ἀνεξέταστος βίος οὐ βιωτὸς ἀνθρώπῳ “the unexamined life is not worth living”. Independents for Student Democracy is a group of students passionate about democracy and promoting student wellbeing and community/clubs experience on campus.

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