29 October 2020

Young peaches rain on a bruised roof,
chafed by young brushing winds
The peaches, mimic the sky on its skin –
splatter of red – a sudden brown

The winds run                to the baton of an unseen conductor
a colossal orchestra        – to the marmalade orange afternoon of Giverny

They run to the dense web of leaves                           caught
then tamed
The leaves applaud as the winds are tamed
roof falls cool, peaches fall

A small mob of wind
escapes              untamed
reckless         reckless
recklessly ambitious
they call upon a ruthless storm, that breaks the damn tree.

Dear Ruby
Do you want to be?

the defeated tree
the earnest winds
the falling peaches
the hurting roof…

I would rather by
Just this evening sky of Giverny.





This poem is inspired by the painting ‘Springtime At Giverny’ by Claude Oscar Monet.

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