Staring into the eyes of many strangers to know oneself

2 November 2020

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Introductions: Please introduce yourself here.

Imogen: Hi everyone! I’ll be first cab off the rank. I might not know you, but I’m sure you know me. How can I be so sure? I’m the person who has been answering every post on the discussion boards. And I’m no slouch, so I like to make sure that my responses are in-depth and well referenced. Sometimes I like to include long, ancient YouTube videos and embed them in the post, but other times I just include footnotes, because I know you’re all really interested in what I have to add. I know I say it in introductions (and the Facebook groups you let me in), but if you ever want to have a chat about the course material, or just anything, you can hit me up whenever. I don’t sleep!

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Daz: The name’s Darren, and I’m what you might call a cereal offender. Hur hur, that’s a joke hey. I love cereal though. I eat it all day long. I wake up in the morning and eat cereal, I like it for a midday snack, and I love eating it for dinner as well. Cereal cereal cereal. I don’t say much in class because I’m usually busy eating the entire time, but I like to keep my camera on so that you can see what I look like! Not many other people seem to want to eat on camera, so I like to represent for everyone who gets hungry a bunch and wants to snack in class.

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                       Imogen: Nice to meet you Darren! What cereal is your favourite?

John: Hi everyone. Normally when I’m in class I have my camera off and my microphone muted. Sometimes the tutor will try to include me, but I don’t like to answer, even though I’m there. Normally I sit at the back of the classroom and hope that no one notices me. If you all have your cameras on, why do you need me to talk as well?

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            Imogen: Hi John. Sorry to hear that your camera isn’t working. I’ll do some sleuthing and see if I can find a solution for you.

You: Wow, I think you guys are in all my classes! I can’t wait to meet you all on Zoom :)


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