Edition Five 2020 Editorial

24 November 2020

Bethany Cherry

I feel alive with a page full of quotes. Words from people past that bring an unlikely sense of perspective and peace. My favourite quotes are from children book authors, the likes of Dr Seuss and Roald Dahl. I listen to these guys more than I do my parents, who, bless their hearts, gave me good doses of these stories during my race to grow up. They reminded me the finish line is death. It’s the one time I’ll agree first place is for the fool. We rush through life with the bait of what we could be, rarely appreciating what we are. In my mind, it is more important to enjoy today rather than prepare for tomorrow. So, slow down kid, you will move that mountain but enjoy the view first.

Amber Meyer | 董右瑄

Borrowing from writer Benjamin Law’s critique of tokenism, I’ll say this with my whole chest. For readers with marginalised identities, insinuations that your successes are borne by anything besides effort are baseless. Here, self-doubt is a socialised practice and distracts from the realisation that at least you didn’t get where you are because of “nepotism based on whiteness, class and networks forged in exclusive elite schools” (2020). 

Sarah Peters

Despite the uproar at the Government’s ‘Job-Ready’ Bill and its impact on the Arts Industry, I wonder if people really know the impacts their choices can have. Paying artists for their efforts and work should not be so difficult, yet it lingers in every crevice, even within student bodies. As students, we are not always experts in our field, but we are trying to pave the way for others and support our artmaking communities at all levels. Exposure doesn’t pay the bills, last-minute changes don’t aid the arts, treat my enjambment as law. I am very tired, but this editorial goes out to all the creatives and to Phuong who made me feel even cuter in this illustrated editorial.

Tharidi Walimunige

Being an Editor during conflicts on a state, national and global level produced experiences I wasn’t prepared for yet also made me realise the fortitude and compassion of our creative community. This has been a challenging year for everyone. So, it was disappointing when our little boat called the Media Department was rocked by the very people meant to fund and represent us. It’s disheartening to learn that others don’t understand or appreciate the work you do. But people with that artistic flame inside them are strong in the face of adversity. Whatever comes your way, don’t stop creating. Regardless of what anyone says, your writing, art, and involvement in media and publishing are worthwhile.           

Reader, don’t let anything stifle your creativity.  

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