Edition Two 2020 Editorial

24 November 2020

Bethany Cherry

Let me explain privilege during a pandemic. The light just blew. A world in sudden darkness is full of panic. People are tripping over each other. The poor, the marginalised, the ederly, the casual and the front-line workers.They fall the hardest. Your first instinct is to help the fallen, get them up and support them. Your second instinct is the most important. You install a stronger, more sustainable light. One that won’t blow up or discriminate again. This is what it means to have privilege. To be standing in a room, where others are face down. Pick them up and protect them. Don’t let it happen again. 

Amber Meyer 

Confusion during these months can grow into fear and anger. This is understandable and very human. However, Farrago will not tolerate harassment of its contributors in the name of unchecked emotions. Those who bully and enable bullying are unwelcomed, anywhere. All media collective members — from reporters to interviewees to editors — deserve respect. The confidence and safety of the students are integral to this publication, and I whole-heartedly encourage the contributors to keep doing what they do. As such, I thank the massive and endlessly talented Farrago team, and extend my love to the online writers and the names in print. 

Sarah Peters

When we began Edition Two it was to coincide with Farrago’s 95th birthday. A few short weeks has turned worlds upside down. Articles have been moved around; many moved online to reflect COVID-19’s rapidly developing nature. We’re relieved to keep making this accessible to you, and continuing to be a space for you to share your experiences and works. Take care in this time, build forts in your dining room, bring out the soft toys and take slow steps in adapting. If Farrago can last 95 years, it will survive another one, and so will you. Warmth to you all. x

Tharidi Walimunige

If you’d told me last year that I’d be a Farrago Editor during a bushfire crisis and then a pandemic, I would’ve chuckled fearfully. But having persevered through these events, I’m even more proud to be in this position. It hasn’t been easy, but the works submitted to this magazine during these challenging times have been profound, honest and emotional. Change and conflict can inspire our best works and I’ve seen that in our inbox. So despite whatever 2020 throws our way, we’ll keep publishing student voices with pride. Reader, may you also find your silver lining. 

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