i miss swanston street

8 December 2020

They say
that 0.01 centimetres
is the urban space
of possibilities: the
distance between

people (connections,
separation) in the
bustling city. It’s easy
to get lost
inside a

crowd (or
to lose yourself).
Claim the rhythms
of heartache and caffeinated
loneliness and suddenly
you’re not

special or
strange. You’re (the
same as) everybody else
just trying to
get by: waiting
for trains;

pacing the
grocery store; dwarfed
by sleepless skyscrapers; missing
the train; missing
people; burning

with (unhideable,
untameable) emotion; feeling
like too little; feeling
like too much.
The city

is alive,
darling, and being
(nobody) leaves you free
to be whoever
you want.


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