8 December 2020

moonlight bleaching bones 

               in the trees 

carving sigils into thighs


ice dripping from the   

                                    s  p   a    c     e 

                   between my legs 

you died 

under my feet

i buried you

in the weeds and the leaves

sucked marrow from the fingers you

shoved in me


and dead


leaves crushed    between my fingers

rubbing fragments together until dust  

covers my body 


the moon aches behind clouds

holding                  back


               somewhere beneath the roots 

    forced through your ribs

and mouth 

i push my legs together

crush your



you are                                nothing


but powdered fragments

between my fingers

sprouting up from trees


the moon parts

sunlight finds my shoulder 

blades barred

kissing the nape of my neck


leaves dance to the floor


i raise my arms 



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