Dissection of a Piglet’s Heart

9 December 2020


  • right atrium

how strange it is. how fragile,

wobbling watery

yolk in my palm

ribs bending between

my fingers like pipe cleaners

scattering blood onto

a sanitized tray

  • right ventricle

how strange to imagine its first

stirrings, moth wings wedged

between slumped lungs,

foetal halfthoughts that

never grasped

the taste of


  • left atrium

what was it?

a cleft between atria,



a concave pericardium

squashed like a soccer ball on wet grass?

what smothered you when

you came into the open air?

  • left ventricle

did you kick? did you squeal?

or were you


like this melting marble of a heart?

Figure 1. Dissection of a Piglet’s Heart

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