hospital bed

4 March 2021

content warning: pain, illness


more food, more oranges,

lemons, more of the fruit with seeds

with their sly murmurs of renewal


renew me with this bed

renew me with these blankets, these words,

these little styrofoam cups with their little liquids.


pain       the offer

pain that writhes in its host

pain that goes from wall to wall,

following its lethal rhythms, 

hail, splinters, mirrors,

season of white thorn, 

white knell, white wave, 

here, everything is lost!

a mad shouting over mist and wind,

colourless, obscene, stretched from life and its forces 

before dissolving, peaceably, water. water.


in analgesic.



they return and ask

return and ask, name and 

date of birth are the themes of

hourless evenings 

marked by need 



(they tell me)


to press a small green button


or scream


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