Little Moth

5 March 2021

little moth, you can’t escape this night

and my explanation of what this was or is

would puzzle you even more,

because I don’t know for sure

what this is or was for you,

but I can tell you what I saw:


I had brushed my teeth

and put some night cream on

I read a few pages of a book about investing

I made my breakfast and

checked the train schedule

then I saw you on the wall behind my bed


you explored my room for the next ten days,

I apologise, I turned minimalist a few months agosaves time

I halved a strawberry for you when I left every morning

and I didn’t make cheap metaphors about how you aren’t a butterfly

or how you draw yourself to flames,

I burnt out at work today

and I will go there again


I don’t know what would fulfil you

have you laid eggs?

I could feed them strawberries too

but that’s it really, little moth,

the world is spinning as we speak

and I need to catch a train.

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