When You Return to Campus…

5 March 2021

It’s been a while since many of us have been on campus. For some of you, you’ve only caught a glimpse or two of university life. Farrago thought a small guide to returning to campus could be useful (there are some things you pick up after six years of tertiary education!)

A Cold One

Queensberry Hotel: At the corner of Swanston St and Queensberry St, this place is great for a casual catch up, a game of pool, or your next favourite function. 

The Ida Bar: Named after the club that led to the University’s first female graduate, the Ida is located on level one of Union House and is a great place to relax and take a look at the Bands performing on a Tuesday. (Also, pretty socially distanced, and a great view for photos of BABBA, Lime Cordiale, or other iconic artists). 

A Hot One

Crepe Carte: all you could ask for in crepes and chai lattes. These guys are hardworking and wholesome at the Parkville campus. Down the south lawn stairs and to the right.

Castro’s: No other place on the Parkville campus can compete with the variety of hot chocolates that you can order here. Check these guys out near the David Caro Building. 

Lionel’s Café: Southbank bound and a perfect function space and coffee oddity.  These guys are tucked away at 26 Grant Street. 

Time to Nap 

The “Grassy Knoll”: Between the Theatre and Visual Arts buildings by Dodd Street, this outdoor space is one of many to take a snooze in. 

Student Lounge: As long as it’s not election week on campus, the ground floor lounge of Union House can be a relaxed and dark space to have a small nap. I’d also encourage you to check out the autonomous spaces that can be found on other levels of the Union House building.

Time to Work 

The Hub: Found at Southbank featuring a library and exclusive after hours access for students (when we’re not being haunted by the novel coronavirus), this is an inviting space with lots of windows so you feel like you’re not trapped by your assessments. 

Reading Room, Old Arts: On the first floor of Old Arts is a big hall with a number of chairs and nooks for you to nestle into. This is a lesser-known study space, but a huge recommendation. 

A Spot to Explore

National Gallery of Victoria: A stop from Southbank campus, there are a number of free exhibits that can offer a spot to reminisce and think. Bonus points for supporting local art. 

Rowden White Library: Even if the MudCrabs aren’t performing comedy, or it’s not a Dogs in the Rowdy week, the Union House library at the Parkville campus is a perfect place to take some time out.  

Burnley Community Garden: Check in with your Burnley Representative, Kaitlyn, for a chance to get your hands dirty. There is also a garden at the Parkville campus, but we encourage you to step outside your comfort zone!

Systems Gardens: Towards the Elizabeth Street side of the Parkville campus, the Systems Gardens is perfect for naps, studying or those #FinallyOnCampus photos. 


Find one of these spaces? Farrago encourages you to send them a picture in the space and to share your other favourites around your campus. We’ve been cooped up inside for too long, it’s time for an adventure!

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