“What Kind of ‘Diversity’?”: Mixed Feelings Over Respect and Diversity Week Merger

The University of Melbourne’s decision to combine Respect Week and Diversity Week this year has garnered mixed reactions from students.

1 April 2018
Students Rally for Refugee Rights

On 25 March, thousands of people attended a Palm Sunday rally at the State Library to demonstrate support for refugees and to call on the federal government to close down detention centres.

29 March 2018
Campus News Briefing: Fossil Free, Removalists and The GSA

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24 March 2018
Three Critical Lessons from the GSA’s Special General Meeting

If the events of the last week had taken place months ago with plenty of time before the SGM, I think amendments would have been made and the changes passed. The public back and forth between UMSU and the GSA just goes to show that there were so many unanswered questions, issues, and work yet to be done.

23 March 2018
Students Protest $2.2 Billion Cuts to Higher Education

A contingent of over 30 University of Melbourne students joined forces with fellow Victorian students at the State Library of Victoria to protest the Coalition government’s $2.2 billion cuts to higher education on Wednesday, 21 March.

23 March 2018
Fossil Free Hangs Out The University’s Dirty Laundry

Today students from Fossil Free Melbourne University (FFMU) hung up their dirty laundry outside the Raymond Priestley building to put pressure on the University to divest from fossil fuels.

22 March 2018
An Interview with Incoming Head of Veterinary School, Anna Meredith

This year, there are many changes occurring at the Melbourne Veterinary School including Professor Anna Meredith assuming the position of Head of the Melbourne Veterinary School in July … Professor Meredith was kind enough to conduct an interview with Farrago about her new role, the direction of the Melbourne Veterinary School, and the impact that the changes will have upon students.

22 March 2018
“Be My Stacks”: GSA Vice-President and Shorten Electorate Staffer Offers Students Free Beer to Ram Through SGM Vote

Jacob Rodrigo, the vice-president of the Graduate Student Association (GSA) and an electorate officer in Bill Shorten’s office, has offered graduate students free beer in exchange for helping push though controversial changes to the GSA’s constitution.

20 March 2018
“Affordable” Accommodation

While the addition of new student accommodation is certainly welcome, it appears that high prices will remain a significant hurdle for many students hoping to access the privileges of University lodging.

19 March 2018
An Interview with UHT’s New Artistic Director, Xanthe Beesley

Xanthe Beesley is a performer and performance-maker who has worked in an array of creative roles. We spoke to her about her vision for Union House Theatre (UHT) and what you can expect for the upcoming year.

19 March 2018
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