Students protest in front of Richard Wynne’s office to protect Djab Wurrung trees

Last Thursday, University of Melbourne students protested in front of State Minister for Planning Richard Wynne’s office against the planned removal of sacred trees for the Western Highway bypass.

27 March 2019
NUS Launches Campaign Lobbying Government for More Student Support

The National Union of Students (NUS) have laid out their campaigning agenda titled “A Future Worth Fighting For”, aiming to lobby the government for improved student support and action on student issues.

26 March 2019
BREAKING: University Responds to Climate Strike Letter

The University has refused to support the School Strike 4 Climate and refused requests for staff and students to not be penalised for participating in the walk-off.

15 March 2019
University Students for Climate Change: Letter to the Vice Chancellor

This Friday, University of Melbourne students and staff will be standing with school students walking out of class for the School Strike 4 Climate. They struck last November, with participants numbering in the 15,000s. They will be demanding an end to new coal and gas projects, an end to the Adani Coal Mine, an 100% […]

13 March 2019
Office Bearer Reports (Edition 1, 2019)

President / Molly Willmott Hi there! Welcome to your UMSU for 2019. My name’s Molly, and for me, my university adventure started in an UMSU club, and has taken me to volunteering opportunities, activism, and now as your President. As you navigate the jungle that is the University of Melbourne, UMSU will be with you […]

13 March 2019
Mad about inequality: Gender Representation in Mathematics

In mathematics, there’s a big drop-off in percentage representation of female and non- binary students between undergraduate courses and postgraduate courses. So, to explore this further, I interviewed five women and one non- binary person who are currently undergraduate maths students at the University of Melbourne.

4 March 2019
Mad about inequality: Gender Representation in Mathematics Student Interviews

Student 1 I’m a second year studying pure maths, logic, and a dash of statistics. I’m not sure what I’m going to do after my degree, but I’m definitely considering postgrad logic. I’m also non-binary. I think my gender has definitely affected my studies. I’m often not comfortable being out as non-binary in class the […]

4 March 2019
Stalling the Course

The University of Melbourne, despite accepting all recommendations of the Australian Human Rights Commission’s (AHRC) Change the Course report on sexual assault at universities, has failed to respond to the commission about what’s being done to address one of the key recommendations.

4 March 2019
UMSU Experiments with Drugs

The welfare department of the University of Melbourne Student Union (UMSU) has introduced a new drug policy this year involving pill-testing kits and workshops as harm-reduction becomes the focus.

4 March 2019
Budget Breakdown 2019

The University of Melbourne Student Union (UMSU) passed its budget for 2019 on 7 December 2018, with several funding increases to autonomous departments as well as considerations for the election year ahead.

4 March 2019
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