Survey Shows High Rates of Sexual Abuse in Academia

Academics and PhD students experience a high level of sexual harassment and gender discrimination in Australian universities, according to a recent survey conducted by Australian Women’s History Network.

6 September 2018
Turnt in For What?

Students who submit essays to Turnitin might find their essays commodified for paid plagiarism-checking services such as WriteCheck.

6 September 2018
Student Card Replacement Fees Highest in the Country

The University of Melbourne’s student card replacement fee is the highest in the country, and at $50 is nearly double the average national cost.

6 September 2018
University Introduces Humanitarian Scholarship

This year, the University launched a new scholarship called the Melbourne Humanitarian Access Scholarship. This was created specifically for students who have applied for asylum in Australia.

6 September 2018
Edition Seven Editorial

Here’s how you get someone to vote for you in a student election. You print flyers and wear a brightly coloured t-shirt and stand somewhere on campus reasonably close to one of the voting booths, like the one in the lobby of the Baillieu Library.

5 September 2018
UMSU Presidential Debate: A Recap

With student election week almost upon us, three UMSU presidential candidates went head-to-head in a debate hosted by Farrago on 29 August.

1 September 2018
UMSU Election Coverage 2018

Welcome to Farrago’s coverage of the 2018–19 University of Melbourne Student Union (UMSU) elections.

1 September 2018
UMSU Elections: Explained

Your vote is rather influential in how the Union represents you in the following year.

27 August 2018
Campus News Briefing: Cadmus, Tastings, Safety

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20 August 2018

Tastings, the biennial showcase of original works by University of Melbourne students, will be held 22–25 August in the Guild Theatre. With over a decade of history, Tastings is developed and run by the University of Melbourne Student Union’s (UMSU) creative arts department.

14 August 2018
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