Does the government actually care about mental health?

What the reforms to the health sector and Centrelink system mean.

11 May 2017
What does the 2017 budget mean for housing affordability?

Will this year’s budget help young people crack into the housing market?

10 May 2017
Op-Ed: By university standards, the coalition gets a fail grade

Students like myself are taught to keenly detect bullshit.

5 May 2017
Give us a fair go, Fairfax

How can journalism continue to hold a place in our democracy if some of our biggest media employers continue to cut jobs?

3 May 2017
Higher education reforms: an explainer

While they’re not quite the 25% cuts feared by some, these policies are attracting criticism for unfairly impacting students.

2 May 2017
Foul Play in Liberal Club

The Melbourne University Liberal Club’s (MULC) Annual General Meeting (AGM) has been declared invalid by the Clubs & Societies Committee.

21 April 2017
The Night Market

From a student-run Haunted House to camel rides, UMSU International’s annual Night Markets attracts a popular following with students with well over 7000 attending every year. The 2017 Night Market saw 19 clubs and societies prepare stalls that offered food, games and drawing as well as performances from dance ensembles to dynamic duo teams. The […]

19 April 2017
University of Melbourne students seek justice for refugees

50 students from the University of Melbourne joined thousands of people at the Palm Sunday Walk for Justice for Refugees rally yesterday afternoon.

10 April 2017
Students and board members stand off at Co-op AGM

Footage obtained by Farrago shows students demanding answers from National Secretary Talal Yassine.

5 April 2017
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