Breaking (the) News

Student Politician Denies Political Ambition, Fools No One

She is preparing to go “full campaign mode”, after sharing Julia Gillard’s Misogyny Speech on Facebook for the seventh time.

23 August 2017
Outside the College Bubble

How privilege manifests in residential colleges

The Death of the Club

Why are students engaging less?

Accessible Arts

The University’s biannual creative arts festival, Mudfest, will have a firm commitment to various forms of accessibility and inclusivity.


The University of Melbourne, the Graduate Student Association (GSA) and University of Melbourne Student Union (UMSU) have united in opposition to the federal budget’s proposed reforms to Higher Education.

I’d FAP To That

How the FlexAp recommendations will impact you

Students Stand in Solidarity with Victims of Sexual Assault

University of Melbourne students lit candles and wrote chalk messages in support of those affected by sexual assault and harassment, last night on Union Lawn.

2 August 2017
University Fails to Support Victims of Sexual Assault

The University is sitting below the national average with regard to having accessible support services for victims of sexual assault.

1 August 2017
University Students Experiencing “Alarming” Incidence of Campus Sexual Assault

The results to the nationwide survey into campus sexual assault and harassment have been released.

Racist Posters Target Chinese Students

Numerous racist posters were found around the University this morning threatening Chinese students with deportation if they enter campus buildings.

24 July 2017
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