Local Student Perfects Work-Life Balance

PARKVILLE—Local student and identical twin Simon Whitaker, 21, confirmed on Monday that he has discovered the secret to a perfect work-life balance. “It’s taken a few years of trial and error, but we—pardon me—I have finally struck gold and come across the best way to balance all my competing commitments,” boasted the at-peace Whitaker to […]

26 August 2020
Woah to No

Local punters at Flinders Street Station were stunned today as a fellow traveller moved through the gate without pausing or stopping. “It was amazing,” one baffled onlooker commented. “She aimed at one boomgate the whole way in, and that was actually the one she went through. She had money on her card and everything. No […]

26 August 2020
2020 UMSU Election Reporting

This liveblog is for the 2020 UMSU Elections Reporting from Farrago reporters. All questions and queries about the reporting of this election should be directed to the Deputy Returning Officer and the 2020 Media Officers. All questions and queries about candidates and how to complete a postal vote should be directed to the Deputy Returning Officer. A […]

25 August 2020
2020 UMSU Candidates

Are you voting in the 2020 UMSU Elections? UMSU Election week is from the 7-11 September 2020. Here you can find links to your candidates and their statements below in alphabetical order by position. If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate in reaching out to the Deputy Returning Officer, Stephen Luntz. Other relevant information […]

24 August 2020
UMSU Annual Elections

UMSU Annual Elections The University of Melbourne Student Union Elections will be held from 7th-11th September to elect student representatives for 2021. The UMSU constitution requires elections to be held on paper, not online. Consequently, voting will be held through a combination of in person (if possible) and postal voting. Voting for University Council Student […]

30 July 2020
Conflict Surrounding Performative Allyship in UMSU Students’ Council

CONTENT WARNING: racism, white supremacy, police brutality, First Nations deaths in custody and other references to cultural genocide that have in particular impacted First Nations People of Australia. This article includes references to deceased First Nations People. When Jessie Ferrari, the Indigenous Representative on Students’ Council, alongside councillor Thonya Deverall and the University of Melbourne […]

7 July 2020
A Hidden Struggle: COVID-19 and International Student Mental Health

According to international students from the University of Melbourne, the COVID-19 crisis, in particular its effects on their academics and financial situations, has had a detrimental impact on their mental health. 

6 July 2020
Daniel Andrews Announces Postcode Lockdowns

Premier Daniel Andrews has issued stay-at-home orders for several suburbs in Melbourne after recent spikes in positive cases of COVID-19 in Victoria.

30 June 2020
“Apology without action means nothing”: First Nations students denounce the destruction of sacred sites

On June 17, the University of Melbourne Student Union (UMSU) Indigenous Department and and the other UMSU student representative departments released a joint statement condemning Rio Tinto’s destruction of a sacred site in the Western Pilbara, referring to the mining company’s decision as “an act of cultural genocide”.

18 June 2020
International students’ demand for fee relief and compensation

Students at the University of Melbourne have come together to campaign for the reduction and compensation of their tuition fees following the switch to online classes. Gathering on platforms like Facebook, over 3,500 students have in the last two months joined groups such as UNIMELB-Fee Reduction-Online Teaching-COVID 19, where they are sharing experiences and grievances around a widely perceived deterioration in teaching quality.

12 June 2020
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