Adventures In Student Cooking: Getting Mugged

The Chef — Really can’t cook, but tries hard — Would have already died in apocalyptic scenario — Good at picking My Kitchen Rules winners — Irrationally dislikes onion The Setup — One small fridge with freezer compartment — Three gas stove burners (one is broken) — One microwave that burns the outside of frozen meals while failing to defrost the center Confession: […]

6 March 2018
Adventures In Student Cooking: Mi Goreng

Mi Goreng—the saviour of every university student. I first discovered this versatile dish after a friend gave me 12 packets. While she’s since moved on to bigger, better and presumably healthier things, Mi Goreng has become a staple in my pantry.

15 February 2018
Nihilism, Alienation and the Birth of Trash Journalism: MTV’s Daria

The ‘90s were a golden era for ‘toons. Kids and adults alike parked themselves in front of the TV every evening and ate supper off metal trays. Knees were slapped and tears of sheer amusement shed throughout the neighbourhood when Homer Simpson accidentally bared his privates through his bathroom window to a passing helicopter.

15 February 2018
First Days for Awkward Students

So, it’s your first day of uni and I’m sure all of you semi-functioning adults out there are ready to take on this big new world. You might be a bit nervous, but it’s nothing you can’t handle…

15 February 2018
Chroma Purple


15 January 2018
Chroma Pink

Artwork by Hanna Liu Curated and designed by Ilsa Harun

20 December 2017
Recollections 6

20 December 2017
Chroma Green

        Artwork by Scarlette Do Curated and designed by Ilsa Harun

17 December 2017
Recollections 5

17 December 2017
Recollections 4

12 December 2017
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