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2 November 2018
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2 November 2018
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2 November 2018
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2 November 2018
Expose / Turkey

2 November 2018
Part Eight: “What is the end of study? Let me know.”

He thought of his wicked tutor Dan, those evil ticket inspectors, those bothersome essays. Such a cold and uncaring world. But then he paused. He stopped and he thought. How he wished he could leave, pursued by no care. But he did care. He now cared for this world. He thought of Chloe, his friendship, the laughter and joy. He thought of Professor David and the comedy show he performed. Such warmth and love this world did possess. ‘Twas a mingled yarn, with good and ill together.

24 October 2018
Group Work For People Who Hate Group Work

Am I the only one who avoids group work like it’s the plague? I’m not kidding, I actually check the assignment list for all prospective subjects and if group work is included, well, that’s a deal breaker. In fact, I don’t even think ‘deal breaker’ is a strong enough term. To me, group work is […]

27 September 2018
Part Six: “The crown will find an heir”

As Shakespeare scurried out from the Baillieu, a deluge of unpleasantness swarmed against him in the form of many knaves carrying flyers, all in colourful dress. He was in a melancholic mood and found their pressing behaviour worsened his state. He learnt a new expression from Chloe that day that he found quite effective. He told them to fuck the fuck off.

15 August 2018
Flash Fiction Six: Puzzles, Riddles and Limericks


15 August 2018
Review: Mental As Everything & Scarred For Life—Double Bill

Ultimately, audiences will come away with a better understanding of mental illnesses and what it means to live with them. Sitting in the dark, watching these shows, was an unmistakable sense of connection amongst the audience: alternating between moments of sympathy and of recognition. You either come away from these shows knowing more about mental health, or you leave thinking “Oh, so it’s not just me who feels like this”.

13 August 2018
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