Four Ways to Make Parties Eco-Friendly

Okay, I don’t want to be a party grinch, but will you not agree with me on this: I think parties are repetitive. Someone calls for a party, we all plan, we go to a place, we eat a few snacks, drink a few somethings, laugh and talk for an hour then come back home — a standard party (of course, there are variations). I believe that if something is repetitive, we should make an effort to make sure it’s better.

22 November 2020
Difference Between Being Proactive vs Reactive About Climate Change

Proactive is when you actively make sure that things don’t go wrong, reactive is when you react when things are going wrong. Here is an example so we are on the same page —say you keep up to date with lectures every day and develop your assignment every week — you are being proactive. Say […]

22 November 2020
Yeah, Nah, Not Vibing with Fast Furniture

ecently, while moving in with my parents to a faraway suburb, I realized that I’d bought waaay too many books during my time alone at university. The point was: I needed a bookshelf. So, I went to Target—­ saw an 8-cube storage unit— 39 dollars only— great reviews online— sweet!

22 November 2020
Three Ways to Live Sustainably on a Budget

hen I first started trying to minimize my carbon footprint, one of the barriers I faced was (actually, “is”) the unbelievably high price tag on “zero-waste” products. (I didn’t plan on going zero waste because that’s too big of a commitment when living as a student, but I did want to replace certain high-use items with more sustainable and durable ones.)

22 November 2020
Hildegard von Bingen, Clara Schumann and Emily Lau

Welcome to Canon in She, a column about women composers being amazing. In this edition, we have a medieval nun who told the church to stop being so damn corrupt, a concert pianist who had eight children while practically inventing the modern piano recital, and a collaborative music-maker fusing ancient and modern musical techniques.

6 November 2020
Deborah Cheetham OAM

Welcome to Canon in She, a column that celebrates women who compose music. This time, I am dedicating the entire column to Deborah Cheetham.

7 September 2020
Badass Women

Up next we have the lovely walking encyclopedia, Hypatia of Alexandria. The daughter of a well-respected academic, Hypatia was an Ancient Greek-Egyptian astronomer, mathematician and philosopher who was born around 350 CE (Common Era). She was raised outside the constricting gender roles within Egyptian-Greek society by her forward thinking Papa and thrived as a professor […]

26 August 2020
The Cherryman: Overneath the Cold Cracked Hall

On the moon’s longest night, during the feast of Lune Harbour, cupped mead and slight comments danced courtly between Queen Sabbas IX and her duchesses and ladies. Jesters, firebreathers, novel conjurers and their travel-worn familiars paid tribute. Drunken commonfolk with crumpled invitations bawled their gratitude. Flourishing, grovelling, performing, and staying silently prayerful in the presence […]

26 August 2020
Lonely Hearts of the Animal Kingdom

Male Giraffe “Kinkshamers need not respond.” Hello, fellow equal! I think there’s one thing we should get out of the way and I hope this won’t offend you. You see, I’m a big user of the “C” word: consent. We all like to get a little freaky sometimes. But I want to make sure you’re […]

26 August 2020
Florence Price, Delia Derbyshire & Wendy Carlos

Welcome to Canon in She, a column about female composers of Western classical music, and a few major trailblazers in electronic music as well. Today, I present three brilliant women from the 20th century.

14 July 2020
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