Farrago Magazine

2013 Edition 1 Editorial

Welcome to edition 1, 2013.

2012 Edition 7 Editorial

In the penultimate edition for 2012, Farrago tackles sexuality in sport. In recent weeks, Melbourne University graduate and country footballer Jason Ball came out publicly to petition the AFL to tackle homophobia within the sport and its community. His action took great courage and has already yielded positive outcomes with the AFL screening ‘No To Homophobia’ advertisements […]

Synergy’s welfare waste

I would like to draw your attention to waste that in the UMSU Welfare Department.

2010 Edition 5 Editorial

Federal elections and the future of journalism

Student Alcoholism Exposed

Me want beer now.

Sound Applause

What a relief to read a Farrago with some substance.

Down with VSU

Defend our Student Union!