Morgan-Lee Snell

24 April 2016

The Secret Lives of Fruits and Vegetables

A banana is prone to bumps and bruises.


And eventually Fiona got so good at keeping still that tiny asteroids started mistaking her for a small planet.

Albino Alone

Translucent skin and pointed pink nipples reflected back at her, neon lights flashing ‘I’m not right!’

On Time Capsules

My uncle built me a bookshelf for my fifth birthday. Huon pine with miniature toadstool carvings, it towered above me and spanned the entire bedroom wall.

Invisible Sunflowers

Max and Maureen and Everyone in Between

I wasn’t around when Max was a pup, but there’s a photograph of him and my grandmother Maureen up on the fridge. Max is small and spotty with floppy ears and sits on Nana’s lap. Nana’s eyes crinkle at the corners. The picture was taken when Nana and Pop drove their caravan from Adelaide all the way to Kununurra to visit, Mum says.

Red and White

river or rivers?

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