Review: Love Serenade at the Melbourne Women in Film Festival Opening Night

At a festival celebrating the creative contributions of women within the film industry, Love Serenade stands as a landmark due to its all-female creative team.

25 February 2018
Review: Winchester—A Misfiring Jumpscare Fest

Winchester is a haunted-house horror film directed by Michael and Peter Spierig, and is based on the true account of Sarah Winchester.

25 February 2018
Review: Thank You for the Rain at the Transitions Film Festival

From its focus on the inequality between individuals to the broader inaction and disinterest of the world’s most privileged governments, Thank You for the Rain is compelling and inspirational, but somehow also left me with an overwhelming sense of despondency. It doesn’t give any answers, but is a timely and stunning film that tells an urgent story.

22 February 2018
Review: NT Follies Live

Follies is not a happy musical. It is certainly not the typical theatrical production that would be filmed and preserved for eternity.

12 February 2018
Review: Big Dream at the Transitions Film Festival

Big Dream empowers young girls to integrate into these industries by showcasing the lives of seven brave women as role models that younger generations can follow.

12 February 2018
Review: Happy End

Happy End is Austrian director Michael Haneke’s 13th film … His newest movie appears scattered and overstuffed with unworked ideas, and has no clear focal point, bar the broad and tired message about the flawed upper class.

5 February 2018
Beginner’s Guide to the Melbourne International Film Festival

With the Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) we’re lucky enough to have one of the oldest film festivals in the world, with a great line-up of local and international content. But even for the most seasoned filmgoer the excitement of attending can quickly morph into hyperventilated dread. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when there is […]

9 August 2017
Car Chase Choreography: The Musical World of Baby Driver

A movie with a heart that beats to the rhythm of exhilarating music.

21 July 2017
Total Recall

When you heard the news about the new Spider-Man movie you probably thought: Seriously? Another one? Do they not know movies to make anymore? The notion that Hollywood is running out of new, original ideas is not a new one. Adaptations, reboots or remakes are all the movie industry seems to be churning out these […]

20 February 2017
Review: Nocturnal Animals

  In 1750, Jean Jacques Rousseau attempted to diagnose the sickness at the heart of his contemporary French artistic life. To the maverick philosopher, France’s art world “stifled in men’s breasts that sense of original liberty for which they seem to have been born”. The artists of his day, obsessed by status and reputation, had […]

1 February 2017
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