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Based on a True Story

Encoding a memory is less like taking a video than it is scribbling down bullet points on a notepad.

Why are some people left handed?

It’s hard being a left-hander in a right-handed world.

Do You Hear What I Hear?

Auditory hallucinations are a surprisingly common experience.


your friendly neighbourhood grumpy scientist is here to tell you how to eat dirt cheap while at uni. Emphasis on the dirt.

Do We Have A Sixth Sense?

Have you ever sensed that something bad was about to happen? Have you ever had a dream come true?

Why Do We Yawn?

The yawn remains a brain­ boggling phenomenon, know that you are revelling in one of life’s most enduring mysteries.

Science Lab: The Stanford Science Experiment

Grab a few friends and witness the breakdown of social niceties based on arbitrary allocations to opposing groups.