The Human Factor

CONTENT WARNINGS: PANIC ATTACKS & ANXIETY INDUCED DISSOCIATION What makes us human? What is the elusive gossamer threading our brain to our personality? A few weeks ago, I found out I was allergic to the anti-nausea agent Maxalon. I only took it to relieve a mild tummy ache, but what it caused was far worse. […]

20 February 2017
The Incel Community

A thread titled ‘This is why you can’t get laid’ greets those venturing into the ‘incel’ (involuntarily celibate) community. It details the many shortcomings  individuals may have that make them unattractive to those they wish to bed –  in this case, almost always women. Such include “because you’re rude to people”, “you don’t want her […]

Problem Nannas

My Nan is great. I love her to pieces; we catch up about once a fortnight. But she’s 65 and, frankly, has always been a little racist. A couple of weeks ago, we got lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant in Footscray. Afterwards, we proceeded to walk down Nicholson Street, observing all the people of different […]

Dark Side of the Aisle

There’s a lot to be confused about in today’s world. The government’s doing something wrong, the environment’s doing something science-y, the economy keeps acting up. Despite all the mystification, when we enter a store and are faced by the aisles all uncertainty fades away. No more confusing shades of grey on these shelves, just two […]

It Takes A Village

On the front porch of a run-down house in Austin, Texas, in the dim light of a single bare bulb, a boy picks me up without warning, sweeping me off my feet. I shriek and laugh, clinging to him, wrapping my arms around his neck. I have always hated being picked up. Never trusted anyone […]

How To: Friend That Fur Baby

Most of us, at some stage or another, are guilty of being desperate for a pet’s attention. Whether that be your best friend’s fluffy feline or a stranger’s pooch you see whilst strolling down the street, there is a strong satisfaction gained from patting a furry friend and having them reciprocating your affection. As a […]

Psyched Out

When I was in primary school, we had to wear a hat during recess and lunch when the weather was hot. Those who did not have one were forced to sit under the shade outside the Art Room. It was a depressing spot, nothing but a rectangular slab of concrete under a veranda. I would […]

Who’s Afraid of the Rich and Entitled?

As I got older and left high school, social class began to emerge in my life like a great beast shoving its way through a calm, fairy-tale forest. The more I read and the more I engaged with a larger and more diverse group of people, the more apparent this great invisible force controlled by […]

Emotional Abuse: It Can Happen to Anyone

I bottled it up for a long time but finally decided I wanted to share my experience when more and more friends were sharing similar experiences with me.

21 November 2016
More Than Just a Meal

In a society where this issue has previously divided and angered people, the plight of asylum seekers has now become a vague sing-song in our ears.

11 October 2016
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