The Science of Storytelling

Clara on the human instinct to tell stories.

8 August 2016
Banned Books

I do not like them Sam-I-am, I do not like this censorship and ban.

24 May 2016
The Fate of Over-Beloved Bookstores

Stephanie looks into whether bookstores can survive in the modern era.

16 May 2016
Review: Men

I picked up Men because the blurb proclaimed it to be an exploration of ‘female desire’. I was expecting irony. I was disappointed.

9 May 2016
Review: The Argonauts

The Argonauts details her experiences of being a step-parent, giving birth and sharing with her partner in their grief after their mother’s death.

4 May 2016
88 Lines about 44 Books

In honour of World Book Day, Emme Michelle writes an ode to 44 books that changed the world.

23 April 2016
Review: What the Light Hides

Mette Jakobsen’s second novel, What the Light Hides, is equal parts lovely, sensory, and frustrating.

1 April 2016
Review: Everywhere I Look

This book is great for any reader looking for short, sharp reads that are wonderfully written.

29 March 2016
Review: Our Magic Hour

Aubrey is a reserved protagonist who struggles to communicate her feelings, even to the reader.

22 March 2016
Review: How to Set a Fire and Why

Much of How to Set A Fire and Why has to do with Lucia’s initiation into a group of arsonists.

29 February 2016
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