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Student Reps Return to Uni Councils

The governing body of the University of Melbourne will see a shift in structure following legislative changes introduced by the Andrews Government. The amendment to the Education and Training Reform Act 2006 will see elected student representatives once again granted voting rights on university councils. The university council is responsible for the appointment of the vice-chancellor and […]

27 October 2015
Graduate Courses Online

The University has taken the first steps towards “establishing the capacity to develop, deliver and maintain a suite of high quality, online, graduate-level courses”. The Graduate Online – Melbourne Initiative is currently focusing on offering online degrees in two fields of study, evaluation and ageing. The online courses range from specialist certificates to masters degrees. […]

19 June 2015
Fossil Free Rally at Uni

Protestors gathered to South Lawn yesterday to rally against the University’s divestment in fossil fuels in a National Day of Action alongside 15 other universities. Students, staff, alumni and members from Fossil Free MU, UMSU’s Environment Department, and gathered at midday in preparations to march to the Raymond Priestly building. Rally groups in support of divestment argued that a […]

23 April 2015
Academology: Social Studies

When the dreaded exam time comes around each semester, The Spot transforms into a hub of concentration at night. Students stay late, only to exit the building in the hours of the early morning — and maybe before then for the occasional cross-campus coffee run. When people think of study areas, they often think of libraries. […]

20 March 2015