Creative Nonfiction

Shanghai Awakening

The jigsaw puzzle of a city shunned me and yet beckoned me.

4 October 2016

This year marks the 20th anniversary for every single thing that occurred in 1996; the zodiac rats and pigs that were born and the art that was made.

2 October 2016
Button Mashing: Over and Over and Over

Gabriel Filippa writes about relationships, video games and growing up in a digital world

29 August 2016
Button Mashing All My Troubles Away

I need some form of clarity and linearity.

8 August 2016
When I Ripped My Pants

Like in teen movies when the nerd girl takes off her glasses, I ripped my pants and was ready to disappoint my parents.

My Sweet Pea

An anonymous writer shares her abortion experience.

19 July 2016
To Pee Or Not To Pee

Scarlette Do on why she’s always rushing to the loo.

A Farewell to Arms

Lucas Grainger explains how he escaped the body building cult.

Ethnic in the City

“Do you think he likes you because you’re Asian?”

Stranger Than Fiction

When I was in third grade, I received my first love letter. It was from Timothy Lloyd, a blond haired cherub of fourth grader and the fastest runner in his class. Definitely a catch. The letter was delivered to me by a boy with purple sneakers, because the idea of little Timmy and I communicating […]

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