Queer Online Birthday in Quarantine

for Olive Morgan says, happy birthing of the meat. Time isn’t real, Billie adds, but your body trusts it – still – like a loser. I mutter something like, yeah Discord is shit, the world is a fuck and you’re older and dad to a shifty cat I want to bury my face in. Ulysses […]

2 November 2020
a brief coming together of bodies

4:00am awake, i turn to you selfish in seeking your touch because, of course, you sleep. 4:01am arms around each other like scared teenage girls (girls?) doing that “i don’t want to treat you the way a boy would treat you but also i feel that i must touch you” thing. 4:02am you kiss my […]

how I would like to believe in tenderness

Looming antiquities when the past had teeth and bottletops, hammocked days toes intertwined, hand on tit, This was love. and dripping manhood, too hot to catch The doorknob was slippery with what, i don’t know and then, furious as an unkept promise tethered to its pursuer purpose unknown like the finger tattoo the lip tattoo […]

29 October 2020
Masterpiece in Retrograde

Dusk nights upon dreary bushfires. I wait holding a crystal glass, filled two thirds the colour of the sky. Your charcoal fingers knock on the door, leaving ash on oak. Avant-garde Miscreant is how you signed your works. My house is now a gilded frame. The floor of sketches, the walls of colour theory, the […]

Flash Fiction Edition Three 2020: Time

The Fifth Dimension by Felicity Lacey We walked through the doors of the campus café and into the fifth dimension, where it suddenly became like looking at life through a bubble blown into sunlight. The average world distorted into rainbow hues that oozed and eased into gentle curves. I remember laughing as we sank into […]

Bitter dust

Ama, Amie, Amour – everyone called you along those lines. Ama, Amie, Amour defined you, roped you like a confused braid.  Little storyteller, little dancer, the girl with purple ballet shoes wrapped in silk.  See my eyes? My favourite tale. You told it after you cried. After my father said everyone talked about you and […]

Hum, thrum

I’ve always lived in the eastern suburbs. Where I live, there’s these hills with TV towers on them that loom over suburbia. No matter where you are, you can see them from almost every point. And they have this permanent electric thrumming sound—an unrelenting suburban melody. The persistence of the hills, with their watchful eyes […]

Auspicious Flickers

Kol looks at their watch.  11:11 Feels auspicious. Precarious.  A moment of importance? 11:12 would have been a moment too late. All the magic lost. 11:10, too early. You can’t wait for magic, only stumble upon it, and it is a soul-wrenching kind of letdown to see either number and to know: you fucked up. […]

and much besides, your life depends on it

danger wore a bolt purple dress he reads poems as bedtime stories to the children kneeled at his feet in bewildered woods widowed where he could have been jesus he borrows tongues like promises like weapons so to dance in dapples he doesn’t let me in i had seen him before in somebody else’s arms […]

My Favourite Book is the Virgin Suicides

Dear ______  Sometimes I don’t lay naked beneath the sheets,                   and you? Sometimes I drink too much, and lay naked beneath the sheets and forgot time Has passed,         my grief fermenting like an old cabbage, growing its own shrunken heads behind a […]

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