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For & Against: The Gig Economy

  IMAGE by David Zeleznikow-Johnston FOR by Andie Moore The gig economy has become the new piñata of regulators and unionists alike. I am not going to pretend it works for everyone or for every profession. However, it is indisputable that gig work suits some people, particularly those least likely to get work. Here is […]

28 May 2018
For & Against: Threesomes

  IMAGE by David Zeleznikow-Johnston FOR by Clare Taylor The Three Musketeers. Destiny’s Child. Harry, Ron and Hermione. The Sex and the City girls—minus Carrie, of course, because she’s annoying af. THE HOLY TRINITY. Three is the magic number. 1. Triangles are the strongest shape. It’s physics. Look it up. 2. Threesomes make you try […]

20 April 2018
Wafflestomping by David Zeleznikow-Johnston
For & Against: Wafflestomping

FOR by Darcy French. AGAINST by Alex D. Epstein.

13 March 2018
For & Against Slow TV by David Zeleznikow-Johnston
For & Against: Slow TV

FOR by Matthew Simkiss. AGAINST by Ruby Perryman.

26 February 2018
For and Against: Velcro

FOR: Alaina Dean Velcro is just a revolutionary hook-and-loop fastener standing in front of the world asking us to love it. But the world is being naïve and childish, refusing to give Velcro the love it aches for. We’re just, you know, talking. The world needs to grow up, stop ghosting Velcro and publicly embrace […]

10 October 2017
For & Against: Soup

FOR BY ELIZABETH HAIGH Soup is by far the greatest food that has ever existed. Not only is it cheap and easy to prepare, here are four more reasons why you should consume this wonderful creation. Health Benefits Hot soup is the perfect thing to soothe a sore throat. Studies have even found that chicken […]

25 September 2017
For & Against: Ikea

FOR BY MARTIN DITMANN As I wrote this, I wondered which IKEA story I should start with. Is it the story of the time my family went to extraordinary lengths to take a new IKEA mattress home? (We pushed the passenger seats down, stuffed it into the car and my mum and I lay underneath […]

22 August 2017
For & Against: Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran is a serenading, ginger god who has descended from the heavens to conquer the musical world.

18 July 2017
For & Against: Sci-Fi

FOR BY JEFFREY PULLIN Science fiction opens a portal through which we can glimpse the previously unimaginable. It shows us both fantastical worlds, and futures that we can strive towards. Without science fiction humanity would be cut off from the boundless possibilities of both the future, and the here and now. Science fiction has the […]

7 June 2017
For & Against: Vodka Cruisers

FOR BY Ashleigh Barraclough If euphoria were a beverage, it would undoubtedly be the Vodka Cruiser. The luscious, fruity notes of everyone’s favourite drink literally taste like that time in Year 11 when you got absolutely plastered in some guy’s yard while his parents were sleeping inside. So if you’re feeling fed up with the […]

11 May 2017
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