Interview: Des Bishop
Mary Ntalianis

When I meet Des Bishop, he’s wrapped head to toe in sports gear, “I walked here,” he tells me. I also know that Des can speak three languages and has been selling out his comedy festival shows after killer reviews. Is there anything this man can’t do? We get talking immediately in the studio, as […]

17 April 2017
Interview: Tessa Waters
Mary Ntalianis

Tessa Waters is arguably Australia’s best physical sketch-comedian. Her sense of humour is novel, and weaves its way through the imagination – manifesting all kinds of hilarity from basically thin air. We race up four flights of stairs into the Radio Fodder studio, as Tessa keeps me laughing the whole way up through her funny […]

Interview: Rhys Nicholson
Mary Ntalianis

Rhys is known for his incredible wit on stage, as well as his candy-coloured hair and curved cheek bones. Nominated for Best Show at last year’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Rhys’ show this year is called I’m Fine – which is symbolic of Rhys not wanting “people to expect so much”. However, having seen Rhys’ show […]

Interview: Cal Wilson
Mary Ntalianis

I meet Cal in the Union House foyer. Straight way, I pick her out of a crowd of students. It might be her bubbly aura but it’s probably just her colourful hair. Cal’s ontiguous smile greets me and we head up to the studio. I become increasingly nervous in the elevator, as we go from […]

3 April 2017
Interview: Brunga’s Band
Danielle Bagnato

They’ve brought their “bit heavier than surfy” sound to various venues across Melbourne.

24 May 2016
Interview: Paul Foot
Danielle Bagnato

I’ve been known to knight people in the street, even though I don’t have the authority or legal right to do that.

13 April 2016
Interview: Neal Portenza
Danielle Bagnato

Just, don’t be discouraged at all. I think that’s the secret.

11 April 2016
Interview: Laura Davis
Danielle Bagnato

Her style and ability to explore new frontiers, turning stand up into a truly artistic medium, is invigorating.

8 April 2016
Interview: Flying Bison
Danielle Bagnato

When it started out we had a riff of just three or four notes and just played that over and over again.

7 April 2016
Interview: Jakubi
Danielle Bagnato

“Judging from the band’s rise to fame over the last few years we’ll definitely be hearing more from them.”

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