Interview: Brunga’s Band
Danielle Bagnato

They’ve brought their “bit heavier than surfy” sound to various venues across Melbourne.

24 May 2016
Interview: Paul Foot
Danielle Bagnato

I’ve been known to knight people in the street, even though I don’t have the authority or legal right to do that.

13 April 2016
Interview: Neal Portenza
Danielle Bagnato

Just, don’t be discouraged at all. I think that’s the secret.

11 April 2016
Interview: Laura Davis
Danielle Bagnato

Her style and ability to explore new frontiers, turning stand up into a truly artistic medium, is invigorating.

8 April 2016
Interview: Flying Bison
Danielle Bagnato

When it started out we had a riff of just three or four notes and just played that over and over again.

7 April 2016
Interview: Jakubi
Danielle Bagnato

“Judging from the band’s rise to fame over the last few years we’ll definitely be hearing more from them.”

Interview: Jacob Sacher (talking from a shower in the Commerce Building)
Danielle Bagnato

I remember I once overheard my dad telling my mum that my sister was smarter than me.

1 April 2016
Interview: Tinpan Orange
Danielle Bagnato

A distinctive flavour in the Australian music scene with their hybrid folk-pop stylings and introspective lyrics.

30 March 2016
Interview: Rhys Nicholson
Danielle Bagnato

Essentially my comedy is “penises and how they relate to me”.

29 March 2016
Interview: Hilltop Hoods
Danielle Bagnato

Sean Mantesso chats with MC Suffa as we talked the Hilltop Hoods’ latest music, their upcoming tour, international success and lockout laws.

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