Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Review: Fern Brady: Power and Chaos

Scottish comic Fern Brady returns to Melbourne in 2019 for her second appearance at the MICF with her show Power and Chaos, following last year’s Suffer, Fools! and a successful year on the London circuit. Many Aussies would know Fern from her explosive Live at the Apollo set last year, where she came out as bisexual live on air and infuriated the notoriously homophobic Democratic Unionist Party in Northern Ireland. It probably didn’t help that she accused their leader of being a closeted lesbian.

7 June 2019
Review: Felicity Ward: Busting a Nut

I don’t really know where the title for Felicity Ward’s latest show comes from. Honestly I’m not sure if I missed something, but I’m pretty sure it’s just something she thought would be funny. That’s not to say it doesn’t make sense; it does. Felicity’s comedy is bold enough, loud enough, and has enough singing and crying that I wouldn’t be surprised if some audience members didn’t bust their own nuts laughing along the way.

Review: Single Asian Female

It is not often I see myself portrayed on stage, but the family that Michelle Law created in her debut play Single Asian Female is refreshingly familiar. The Wongs are three women on the verge of life-changing events. Pearl’s divorce is finally finalized, but she faces another problem; Zoe struggles to navigate being single and finds herself pregnant after a one-night stand; and Mei is just shy of finishing high school.

6 June 2019
Review: Poopie Tum Tums

Signing up to review an unnamed sketch comedy show that your editors placed up for grabs in the Media Collective Facebook group is like a Tinder date. You get dressed up, agree to meet up at a bar couple hours after dark and hope that it would not end with you feeling violated in any way. I wish I could say that I walked out of Poopie Tum Tums with a sore stomach and a thirst for more, but alas, that was not the case. My housemate (whom I begrudgingly dragged to this 10pm show) and I both walked of The Butterfly Club feeling very disturbed and confused.

Review: The Big HOO-HAA!

It was with much anticipation that I waited for one of the longest-running improv shows in the country to start. The Big HOO-HAA! usually occurs every Friday night at the Butterfly Club, but they were making a few exceptions for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. The show has been crowned “the original and the best” improv comedy ensemble in Melbourne, and it is easy to see why. A couple minutes in and they’ve got the crowd howling with laughter.

Review: Completely Improvised Potter

I saw the crowd before I heard it, which I am aware is completely counterintuitive. My concern that we had not arrived early enough to figure out which room the show was in immediately passed as everyone who came in with my friends and I all flocked to the queue just inside the entrance of Trades Hall. I could feel everyone’s excitement as we entered the dimly lit room and took our seats.

8 May 2019
Review: Love is a Work in Progress

With the ready aid of massive inflatables, red satin sheets and fairy wings, Tara Rankine shares her stories of love. Inside the cosy venue of Tasma Terrace, this show from the 2019 Melbourne International Comedy Festival invites you straight “into her heart”. Raunchy and raw, Love is a Work in Progress closely examines the types of love she has experienced in sex, romance and friendship.

30 April 2019
Review: The Conference

Are you sick of corporate ice-breakers? Frustrated by the increasing casualisation of the workforce? Being crushed by the nightmare that is late-stage capitalism? Then The Conference, from HomeBrand Comedy, might be just the show for you!

14 April 2019
Review: Nice People Nice Things Nice Situations

Going to Rhys Nicholson has become something of a tradition for my Mum and I. As we peruse the thick catalogue of shows for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival each year, he is one of the few acts that has remained on our list. That is, until this year when Mum decided she didn’t want to make the pilgrimage out to the city to see him. I was of a different opinion, and made the trip to the Victoria Hotel on a particularly dark and chilly evening.

12 April 2019
Review: Red Noodle Blue

What happens when the director of your comedy show is a pool noodle and he goes missing in the space-time continuum? It’s not a question I ever imagined asking myself, but Red Noodle Blue does just that and somehow, even more?

11 April 2019
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