Interview: Orny Adams—Once Comedy’s Antagonised Underdog

Speaking about failure, Orny said: “It’s frustrating, it’s angering, it’s not easy, and it’s painful. It’s a lot of pain. You can’t intellectualize what’s going on. It doesn’t make sense to you, you know you’re capable of something and you’re not being allowed to do it. It’s that sense of injustice which I think is something that we all feel in life.”

20 March 2018
An Interview with Comedian Ben Volchok

Ben Volchok Presents … sees Ben Volchok perform two episodes of original radio comedy live on stage. From silly voices to sound effects, Ben does it all armed only with a microphone (borrowed) and some arms (his). Also a computer (also his).

19 March 2018
“Be funny, reply to emails, and don’t be a dickhead”: An Interview with Ex-Triple J Host and Comedian Matt Okine

“I was joking with one of my friends recently that there’s really just three things you need to do to be a successful comic, and that is: be funny, reply to emails, and don’t be a dickhead. That is literally all you need to do.”

12 March 2018
“Balls to the wall and go do it!”: An Interview with Comedian Urzila Carlson

“The most recent one that I heard is, “Studies have shown the effects of cocaine on honey bees.” I didn’t even know honey bees have nostrils! Number one, who has leftover cocaine? And number two, who has millions of dollars to spend on this study? We’re already having problems with the number of honey bees, should we really be giving them cocaine?”

Interview: Sam Taunton

Last time he was at UniMelb a sausage was thrown at him from a BBQ adjacent to the stage where he was preforming a stand-up gig on North Court.

16 March 2017