Who is that girl I see?

Watching Mulan is like finding Pringles in your pantry and then realising they are the budget kind. Underwhelming, but hey, I’ll take budget Pringles over no Pringles any day! Bad analogies aside, it’s a film that most would view as a revolutionary portrayal of Asian women, and for the most part, it is. There’s plenty […]

10 July 2018
The Simpsons: Watching Ourselves

The world of The Simpsons is very much the one we live in: corrupt politicians, dysfunctional family, crass jokes galore. When we turn on the TV and find the residents of Springfield beating the mayor to a pulp with a baseball bat, we don’t feel like we’re watching some remote yellow lifeforms prancing around. Instead, […]

3 May 2018
Cassette Tape Culture: The ‘80s

‘Hit it, pause it, record it and play/ Turn it, rewind and rub it away’- the lyrics to an ‘80s Bow Wow Wow song, which salute the trusty cassette tape. A flat, three-by-four inch rectangular piece of plastic that fits perfectly in a coat pocket, the tape has a warbling sound quality suggestive of an […]

4 April 2018
Nihilism, Alienation and the Birth of Trash Journalism: MTV’s Daria

The ‘90s were a golden era for ‘toons. Kids and adults alike parked themselves in front of the TV every evening and ate supper off metal trays. Knees were slapped and tears of sheer amusement shed throughout the neighbourhood when Homer Simpson accidentally bared his privates through his bathroom window to a passing helicopter.

15 February 2018